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Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Banner

I am finally happy with the banner for my Blog.  My dad has been helping with the photo editing and yesterday I crocheted up this cute little character, photographed her and emailed a copy to my dad.  I felt that the previous banner was hiding the lovely bark on the tree and as I am a texture type of Gal, it wasn't feeling right!

So now we have a mummy plus two babies and still all the beautiful bark.
Thanks mum and dad for all the input and help.....



Want to see what else I have been playing around with this week?  Master E requested a sock monkey and I found this really cute pattern for a crochet sock monkey pattern on from  Couldn't resist making this one.


you know you have a winner when he gets taken to bed straight away....


I have also decided that to get that dress that I have been searching for means that I will have to make it myself!    So I found one of mine that has the shape I want ...... 


and started undoing the seams to make a pattern template.  I did remember to label the pieces so that I can put it back together again (hopefully!)  I haven't done any sewing except for straight lines for ages so I am hoping that all the lessons mum gave me will pop back into my head?   If not I will be on the phone!   I will let you know how I get along, it may take a while....

Have a great week,  Jenni  xx


  1. Great blog banner, love the owls. Hope the dress turns out as you would like it. I don't think I could be that brave.

  2. Oh I LOVE the owls, just gorgeous!

  3. Those owls are too darn cute! I might give this a try too...

  4. Found you through creative spaces and just had to say that your banner is the cutest! Love those owls!

  5. Your new banner is fantastic. That is how i make most of my patterns, so much easier than dealing with all those bits of paper.

  6. wow those owls are gorgeous!!! are you selling the pattern at all?



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