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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Felting

 In the Tropics

Friday after school we had another felting workshop only this time I was not felting as such.....

I was helping the younger generation get creative.  Funny how it ended up as nearly all girls, the boys decided it was more fun to be athletic outside on the benches ( which did lead to a few scrapes and bumps as boys will be boys)!   We decided to do a bit of Easter (Spring) creativity which is a bit of a conundrum as it is Autumn here and no baby animals to be seen, although at my house I have a hen who's body clock is on English time and she has a clutch of babies.....

Isn't this just the most adorable little thing!

and this.....  The only problem with new babies at this time of the year is that they get cold and wet and then they need some extra help warming up,

Mum seems to get distracted a bit with eating when I let them out for an afternoon run and doesn't notice when her babies are getting cold and wet, so a quick cuddle and they dry out and can go back to mum!

Back to the felting.....

I think we made a nice collection don't you?   Love that chicken!

 The mums did a great job too....

and I made this little lamb  :-)   We all had a great afternoon.

It has been raining all day here and it is nice and muddy and slippery outside (fun when it's time to feed the animals).  By the looks of the weather map we will be getting the rain for a few more days still to come.  The rain brings out our 'rainman'.   He sits on his log or the porch railing and sings and sings.....He can get pretty loud too,   I will have to go and tell him it is bed time!

Have a great weekend everyone  :-)


  1. The felting workshop looks fantastic! I love the chickie too (real and felt). We get 300 one day old chicks here3 time3 a year and miss out on that mother chickie bonding thing. I miss it.

  2. All that felting looks wonderful and I love the cute!

  3. That chicken is just THE CUTEST THING! We will have chooks when we move to our new house, but alas not bubby chicks like this. I remember having them when I was a kid, just adorable.
    I had hoped to do some Easter felting; I wanted to try felting around a plastic egg and then cutting it open to put a little chick inside. But it hasn’t hit the top of my to do list in time! Next year….

  4. Your felted animals are amazing! I've tried wet felting before and I'm absolutely no good at it...
    And those baby chickens are too cute...
    Have a fun and happy Easter!


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