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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Granny Squares

Since I joined along with Pip     and her  Granny a Day Challenge    I have been seeing Granny Squares everywhere!

These are some of  mine that I have been doing, not daily I'm afraid but the pile is slowly growing so I should have something by the end of the year!  I was inspired by the lovely colours of the farmland around the area where I live......Colours of the Tablelands

This is where I have been seeing Grannys......

Here   -   Do You Mind If I Knit 

Here   -   Bibliosophy  

Here   -  Kootoyoo

Here   -  Fox's Lane   

Here   -   Fruitfulfusion

Lots of the latest magazines also seem to have articles with pictures of Granny Squares and I am sure I am even dreaming Granny Squares!    Wonder what the universe is trying to tell me???  Not even going to think about all the crochet Hearts that are also popping up....... Better keep Grannying  :-)


  1. I only learn't to crochet last year (finally!!!!), and am granny square mad at the moment. Aren't they addictive?

    Want to say how wonderful the little film you put on your blog yesterday is: I had v e r y s l o o o o o o w internet so wasn't able to access it till now..... It is absolutely stunning isn't it? The illustrations are breathtaking.

    Oh, and I love your dress and owl too.

  2. Thanks Cathy, I only learn't to crochet last year as well ( I have always been a knitter ) My lovely neighbour and horse riding buddy taught me. I am loving the Granny Squares as well and also seem to be drawn to the little crochet hearts (because my No 1 son's birthday is Valentines Day). Just checked out Sarah London's site, she has an amazing use of colour.

  3. Oh I do love those old grannies!!! Yep, Sarah London did a whole granny-a-day thing too if I remember correctly. That dress is lovely. I'm nowhere near sewing anything like that!

  4. Re the chicken you asked about on my blog: It is a blue silkie bantam. The one pictured is a cockerel. They are wonderful little creatures to look at. Re my crocheted squares, I think I might have inadvertantly mislead people: they aren't a rug, they were just me getting excited at how many I have made and laying them on the floor to see if I was near the size of a blanket! I am not, but am getting there (she wrote excitedly)!

  5. Wow Cathy you are definitely hooked :-) They look fantastic! I have a couple of silky/pekin bantam cross's amongst an assortment of mostly bantams....I love watching the chickens, I could watch them for hours.


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