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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello Ului

Tropical Cyclone Ului is just off the North Queensland, Australian coast.  See the big  donut on the far  right hand side of the satellite image....courtesy of BOM     She is Huge!!!

  Almost as big as the state of QLD!!

Draw a straight line across to the coast of Oz  from Ului and go inland about 100km,  yep that's our  'house' .....   lets just say no-one is making any plans for the weekend and a trip to the supermarket is a nightmare at the moment as everyone is stocking up on supplies..... After a small rain depression last year the supermarket shelves were empty (forgot to take a photo), they were delivering food into Cairns by BOAT!!

Lucky I have a HUGE stash of wool to go on with....knit one, purl one......Breathe, Breathe, Breathe  :-)


  1. OMG when will you know, when is it due?

  2. Ye Gods! Stay safe..............

    Love the colours of the little squares in the post below.

  3. We are all watching and waiting. Ului is predicted to swing South so hopefully that will happen. Even if that happens the rainfall will be so much that all the roads will be cut up to our neck of the woods so supermarket supplies will vanish. Hopefully we won't loose power for too long if it is closer because it will take ages to fix up because of the access. Late Saturday is the predicted time to hit land so we have a little time. With some real luck it will weaken and fizzle into a rain depression and we will all breathe a big sigh of relief...its all a part of living in the Tropics :-)

  4. Yikes, I didn't realise it was that big. I hope you will be OK.

  5. Hope you are saying 'goodbye ului' really soon. I hope you guys stay safe. Thinking of you. X


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