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Monday, March 22, 2010

Horsing Around

 A day in the bush

I took my horse 'Penny' for a lovely ride today. 

We had a fire on the hill behind us (where I go riding )last November....

These are some images from a ride Ebony (on Horse), my neighbour, and I went on 1 week after the  fire had been through. The volunteer fire fighters had to bulldozer a track through the bush as a firebreak and they followed our little trail......its pretty bleak isn't it but if you look closely you can see the grass is already growing back.  My images are not the best as I only had my mobile camera with me.  Same for todays images....must remember to take my camera riding!

This is Penny, she is waiting patiently for me to photograph a grass tree that was after the fire just charcoal.  Look at it now,

Nature is very efficient isn't she.....

When we came home Penny had a lovely bath....'Shiny Like a Penny'.

For a treat I took my oldest horse 'Tally',  for a walk to the school bus-stop to pick up the boys.  They like to ride him home.    He is 23 this year and I have had the pleasure of owning him for 15.   I ride him to the bus-stop, I should say he  ate   his way to the bus-stop, he loves to get out and munch some different flavoured grass from that which is in his paddock. 

He is a sweetheart but he is getting a little bony to ride these days.......

I  LOVE my horse days.....BLISS!!

and yes if you are following my Blog....I do own 4 horses  :-)


  1. So pleased to hear that cyclone left you alone. Looks like the most gorgeous day out. X

  2. Yes Kate it was beautiful :-) Sunday is my horse-riding day as it is Billy's only day off. He does stuff with the boys and I escape into the bush.


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