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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Thursday has been thwarted by unwell kiddies  :-(  but I have been working on a few things.....

Can't tell you what it is, but it is small and a surprise for someone nice.......


I finished 'Circus Bunny'  who was for a friends grand-daughter.  My friend used to run the circus up here for the children and these Bunnies are part of a theme I have going on at the moment.  I have also done   'Yoga Bunny' and 'School Bunny'.  The link for the basic pattern is Vicky Lewis  she has some amazing  felted animal patterns on Etsy. 

I found my favourite jumper in the cupboard.  Unfortunately is is the wrong shape for me.  It's a bit short in the waist which looks really boxy, but I can't bear to pass it on to someone any ideas as to how I can fix it up so I can wear it??   It is cotton.

Now I had better go and deal with this naughty monster while you check out some more creative ideas here

Have a great creative day!  


  1. He doesn't look naughty but I'm well aware looks can be deceiving.

    I owned the naughtiest pony at pony club & she looked quite angelic actually.

  2. That is one handsome bunny!! And one beautiful horse!!

    xo Steph

  3. Love the Circus Bunny and hope the kids are better :O)

  4. Could you make the top more fitted and maybe chop a bit off the bottom and make it a bolero?

  5. Hello darling Jenni!! Don't know where you find the time to be such a creative artist, a beautiful mother, crazy animal-farm-at-home-lady AND such a wonderful friend...AND do such a beautiful blog!! Justin and I both had a look, it's very impressive!! WOW!!! Talk soon Bunny xx

  6. Jenni Darling, the computer, in its infinite wisdom, has just decided to call me 'littlefeet'. Quite appropriate really. Anyway, remembering that it was also a computer that decided the answer to the Universe was 84 (!!!) I am happy to run with 'littlefeet'. It's probably a compliment, if one was to think in some sort of eco-positive, small-carbon-footprint pc-correct manner. Which of course is how we are all thinking, right(?). Right. Time to go. still luv ya, yes I do, Buuuuuunyip xxoo

  7. WHY has the computer put garbage bins next to my comments!! They better not be some sort of hint from the computer to you. Hhhhm. Computer, you are offending me. luv Bunyip xx


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