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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

This is 'Ned'

He is a Labrador who belongs to a friend of mine and I Dog-Sit both him and his lady friend 'Candy', a Kelpie, everytime she goes away.  They love coming to our house and have a great holidayThey love my Jack Russell Terriers x (3)  who in return adore them.  We have lovely walks in the forest and runs behind the 4 wheeler bike and there is always so much to watch with all the other animals I have living here :-)

Gez asked me to knit her both a Ned and a Candy!  A challenge and I am always up for a challenge....Luckily Gez has been very patient as it has taken me a while......


.....can't find a photo of  'Candy'  will have to remedy that and post later (She was cute too!).....

Did you notice the lovely box of choccies that came to me for Easter?  Isn't my hubby a darling he knows they are my favourite  :-)

Hope you all have a lovely Easter Break and stay safe and well.... 

This is a short clip the boys took from the back of the 4 wheeler when we were exercising the dogs one day, not the best quality but I think they did a champion job.  Candy is the brown dog near the bike and poor Ned you can just see coming in last (he is a tad overweight and unfit).   Enjoy   xx

Exercising the dogs 


  1. Ned is sweet. Lucky you getting those chocolates. I don't think I would want to share them. :O)

  2. No Sharing!! They have MUM written on them in big bold lettering ;-)

  3. Ned is amazing!! Did you knit him from sight without a pattern?

  4. sweet! i love labradors :o)


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