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Friday, April 30, 2010


 Were you always Crafty?

I had a very crafty mother who was always doing something and I find that I am now the same.  I can remember she screen printed a picture I drew when I was about 4, and I still have the screen print.  From there she went on to batik, tie dying, macrame, lino printing, copper engraving, copper enameling plus lots more. She now does absolutely lovely etchings and her drawings are beautiful!   She always was handy with the sewing machine, making us clothes and things.  I guess I just learned thru osmosis?   :-)

I have always enjoyed making things but never considered myself that good (still a perfectionist and my own worst critic) I had a break during my twenties and thirty's and picked up doing things crafty when I was doing a job that involved a lot of night shifts so I had time to do stuff.  I did a lot of embroidery, cross stitch, and making (sewing) accessories for my home, and then I got my own horse!  That took over until I had a nasty accident.  I lost all my confidence,  especially around horses.

Somewhere amongst the chaos I discovered Julie and her Blog  Little Cotton Rabbits.  My boys had asked for a knitted  Super Bunny, having seen a lovely one in a magazine, and I thought I can do that and went searching for inspiration.  Julie came to the rescue.  I loved her little rabbits and her refreshingly happy blog about her Creativity and her garden.  Julie inspired me to start knitting again and things have just grown from there.  I made a Bunny for the boys....

Then we had lots of birthdays, and finally My Bunny....

This is 'Joy', she was made to celebrate my return to creativity!  She has a tiny little Bunny, 'It',  safely put away inside her suitcase to remind me not to take too much notice of that  'Little Voice'   I had enjoyed making the little bunnies so much and one project led to another and to another until finally I have my own creative space and some shop space in a friends commercial shed in town.  

I was a regular visitor to Julie's  Blog and her wonderful  Etsy Shop ( you have to check it out, she has the most adorable Rabbits)  Which led onto many more fantastically creative people and their Blogs.  Then I started my own Blog.... And the rest as they say is History....

Megan  posted this question, want to find out more?  Check out her Blog here :-)


  1. ahh craftiness by osmosis - definitely the best and easiest way to go about it i think! love your very cute knitted bunnies and i've gone and drooled over the toys at little cotton rabbits (just divine!)

    thanks for sharing your before story :)

  2. thanks so much for your very kind words Jenni. It's a very nice thought that something I've made has made someone want to start knitting again. Here's to lots of craftiness in your future!

  3. I think crafting is something that is either "in" you or it isn't..........

    Love your bunnies, especially your own one. :O)


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