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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Day

Happy Mother's Day

Totally spoiled I was....

A Lovely tea set with my favorite flowers and an adorable little bird from my hubby....

Beautiful new PJ's from my lovely boys, I could live in these!

This is 'Daisy'.  She is my Jack Russell Terrier but I suspect that somewhere down her bloodlines there seems to have been a poodle snuck in as she is rather shaggy for a JRT....

I  thought I had better get the maternity ward ready today for 'Daisy' as she is rather large and she was looking really uncomfortable this morning.   Maybe she is going to have a mothers day present as well?....

She is not actually due for another week but I don't think she is going to go that long?  She seems happy enough to rest today....

I hope all you lovely mothers out there have as lovely a day as I am having....   :-)


  1. Happy, happy, HAPPY Mother's day. Lovely teaset.... your man has good taste, as, obviously, do your boys.

    That photo of your dog is so sweet, she looks like she might explode if she doesn't have her puppies soon.

  2. The poor love...she looks so uncomfortable, hope they come soon!! You got some gorgeous pressies too! Hope you have a lovely week :)

  3. They look like the best pressies ever! I've never owned grown up jammies but now I think I might need some.
    Can't wait to hear news of the puppies. very exciting.

  4. Poor little dog! You will show pictures of the puppies, won't you?!


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