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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hyper what??

Hyperbolic crochet....

I found this a little while ago and unfortunately I was too late to join in the reef exhibitions.  I did however make my Mum a Hyperbolic wash cloth from some lovely organic cotton for X-mas.   (sorry no photo I was rushing as usual!)

Such fun and so much nicer than the plastic ones!!

This lecture by  Margaret Wertheim is well worth taking the time to listen to.  She describes Hyperbolic maths and how the coral reef project came about.

Now if you want to try it out for yourself give this one a look....

Grab a crochet hook and let your imagination and creativity run wild   :-)


  1. They are fabulous aren't they. A great blog with some fabulous crochet work is

  2. Excellent post! I loved watching the vids. I've always had a thing for maths and this is something I really want to look in to! I'd love to see any future hyperbolic crochet you might do!

  3. Gobsmacking! I love watching this sort of thing...........


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