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Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm an Ambassador

Isn't this a fun and cool idea
   A Knitted Collar....

Loani Prior, The Grand Purl Baa  has just launched her second wonderful book   " Really Wild Tea Cosies"
This follows her first, " Wild Tea Cosies"  if you haven't seen these books you must check them out, they are full of fabulous ideas and lovely photos of awesome tea cosies!

There are events and book launches all over Southern Queensland and NSW.  Check out her Blog  for information on what and where....

Grand Purl Baa has launched the idea of the Knitted Collar and is calling for Ambassadors.  I love the idea!  I had to make one for myself and become an Ambassador, who wouldn't want to be an Ambassador??

It is easy really and there is a tutorial here .  So get cracking ladies, pick up the sticks....

What fun....   I was warm and toasty all day today, just like wearing a scarf but much easier  :-)    Hope you had a great weekend  xx


  1. Love it...looks so easy, what a great idea. Love the picture of you!

  2. Isn't that the most lovely of ideas? It really suits you. :O))))

  3. I love it, great idea. Loani doesn't live far from me and I actually had the honour of making some pom poms for one of the "Party Girl" tea cosies for display. That is my 5 mins of fame!!!!!!!

  4. very pretty indeed! i'll have to check it out...seems like a nice way to use up some small bits of yarn

  5. That's really really cool! I've seen embroidered collars and crocheted ones, but this is really fun! I'm a bit clumsy with circular needles, unfortunately, ...


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