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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space

Felt Good Today....

Finished, on the shelf and SOLD!!

And this is how I felt for the rest of the day....

Woo Hoo!!

I wasn't the only one who was being creative....

Don't you just love Lego?

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  1. Wonderful necklace. That top photo was tantalising because I was looking at it thinking was it/or wasn't it food? And then the photos told the story.

    As for Lego, I think it is the best toy ever. My boy had masses of it. He never tired of it.

  2. Your necklace is awesome and congrats on selling it! LOOOVE Lego, trying to hunt out some girly stuff. Hope you have a super weekend :)

  3. Its so exciting to sell isn't it-I sold 3 scarves last week and was on such a high too, yay! Cool lego piccys day I will have to try and snap some of my kids things too.

  4. Oh how cool is that little picture story. Well done to you! You should be standing on top of that mountain for sure!

  5. What an intriguing (or *coughs* however one would spell that...) technique - and congratulations!

  6. Lego is totally ace. If I ever won a lot of money my dream home has a dedicated lego room with an elevated area for moon lego. L-O-V-E lego!!!

    Great necklace too. BRAVO for the sale.


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