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Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative space


This week has been a whirlwind of feeding dogs and puppies....

They certainly look fat and happy don't they, at least they are getting some sleep!

Something tells me by these photos I took this morning that winter is going to be a cold one....

I could only just make out the horses in the mist today....

And finally, remember "  Ned"   the Labrador I made for my friend Gez?  Well here is the other half of the duo "Candy" .    
She is a Kelpie and we have great fun taking her for a run behind the 4 wheeler motorbike....  Kelpie's are active!

I haven't been very creative but many others have, so pop over to Kirsty's   for a look   :-)


  1. I am hooked on your puppy tales...pun...but wow, what ajob for you and the 'volunteer' mum dog. What a dog! Your photos are adorable, and the web is stunning.

  2. How very cute. I really love the ballet slippers on the divine knitted toy too.

  3. Those puppies are too cute! Do they all have white bodies and coloured faces? LOVE Candy the ballerina Kelpie too, although I'm not sure how fast she'd be able to run in that outfit.

  4. That puppy is mouth-wateringly cute! Hope you get some more time for creative pursuits. ox m.

  5. Gawd! It is all just TOO cute. I want a puppy too.

    Jenni - you are now up on the Tea Cosy Aficionado list as you should have been an age ago. Forgive me. I have been a bad blog administrator.

    Very good cheer

  6. Oh My ! Those puppies are the cutest!

    Love the picture of the spider web. I don't ever see things like that. I need to pay more attention.

    P.S. I'm so stealing your VoVo's for dinner idea. I'm seriously annoyed I didnt think of it first!

  7. Those photos of the web are gorgeous, I so miss living in the country!

  8. Echoing everyone else re those gorgeous chubby puppies! Love the cobweb photos and of course the little ballerina is an absolute triumph!.

  9. The puppies!!! So, so cute! I need to show this to my girls!!
    I love the cobweb photos. We're happy the weather is finally getting better on our side of the globe - winter has been sooo long this year...

  10. Oh how cute is that puppy in your hand! they certainly look content and happy for sure! well done you! love little candy too, very glam in her necklace wonderful!:)

  11. those puppies are so cute... Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! I want one!


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