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Friday, May 21, 2010

Petal is a star

 Be warned!


Today's post will tug at your heart strings....

Daisy has abandoned her puppies!     

She never was a good mother.   She would feed them and then want to go back outside with her mates and leave them to fend for themselves which is OK if they are fat healthy pups, and I usually have 'Aunty Petal' to take over the minding when Daisy goes walkabout.  

This time she abandoned them a lot earlier and they are too little to keep themselves warm.... 


I have given them to Petal ( who so loves being a mum )....

Good Golly Miss Molly!   Petal is a STAR!!  

Petal had 7 pups of her own and I have given her 6 of Daisy's ( we lost two sad but they got too cold and weak )  


I have stocked up with supplies of bottles, teats and puppy formula and I will have to give Petal a hand.  I have a volunteer waiting in the wings to take over the bottle feeding but for the moment we shall let Petal help as she is better than I am at washing,cleaning them and  toileting them.   

My craft is temporarily on hold as I am a sleep deprived mum again and who knows what mistakes I will make and have to rip out!    ;-)

Very Cute puppy photos in a later post.


  1. So cute, what a handful for both you and Petal. A dog of one of my friends had 15 puppies in one litter. Good luck and hope you get some well earned rest soon.

  2. Oh Petal, what a good girl :) Does she mind the extra pups? What a sweetie. Good luck with helping to feed and care for them too xxx

    Heather @ Littletinbird

  3. Petal is a legend!!!!! I can't believe how many puppies you have! Its going to be noisy when they are all learning how to bark!

  4. Petal is a brave girl wanting to take on 13 little babies....I hope they all do well!

  5. Go Petal!

    Good Luck with helping Petal look after all those babies Jenni!

  6. Congratulations on the new pups. That Petal sounds like a star. Maybe you could knit her a bit of a blankie to help her keep them warm and thank her.

  7. aww snuggly winter with puppies!!

  8. Oh you were right about the heart strings being tugged! Yay for Petal! I hope the puppies continue to thrive for you. You're a good, craft-sacrificing Mummy!

  9. oh that daisy!! such a prima-donna. once, when i was in italy i saw a dog nursing kittens!! couldn't believe my eyes and went back to the hotel for my camera, but they were gone...a mothers' instinct!

    good work jenni!!

  10. ow wow what a little star you have there!!!! so gorgeous i hope all the pups pull through with an amazing adopted mummy

  11. Well I have just sacked Daisy for you.
    Matriarch, she is not, probably a confirmed bachelorette!
    Me Daisy, you Petal, lol


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