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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apron Swap

A Surprise in Mail....

I took part in an Apron Swap kindly organized by the lovely Sarah at Red Gingham

My Swap partner was Anilla at Sew Vanilla

Anilla made me a lovely apron.

She added a lovely butterfly ribbon for the trim and a linen napkin for the pocket.....gorgeous!

We both had a bit of a learning curve though....
We emailed each other and established that we were both the same dress size BUT what we neglected to do was ask each other about our height!!

Turns out Anilla is tall and I am short :-)

I hope she doesn't have as much trouble with her apron's pocket as I have with mine???

Nothing a quick unpick and re-sew won't fix!

Thanks so much Sarah for all the hard work, I had a lot of fun and I have a nice apron to boot.... :-)

The last photo is of the apron I made for Anilla.

She said her new kitchen was going to be red and white so I up-cycled a denim skirt and added a nice pocket and some trim. I played with the un-straightness of the skirt and added some buttons to accentuate that. I had forgotten to photograph my efforts so had to hurriedly unwrap the parcel and take a photo on my studio mannequin so sorry for the crumpled looking apron ;-)

Blogger is still playing up for me so I just had to go with where they thought my photos should go......Ho Hum!


  1. oh dear! at least it's easily fixed. What a lovely apron to receive in a swap though, I love the butterflies.

    How are your puppies doing? xxx

    Heather at Littletinbird

  2. Great pinnies. Love what you did with the buttons on the one you made.

  3. The apron you made is super cute!

  4. Hey... so thats where my denim skirt too!!! A good excuse to eat some chocolate to fill out the apron. HMMMMMMMM...chocolateeeeeeee


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