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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Figuring in Out

Look what my MIL found at the local markets!! Her name is 'Pricilla' and she needs a bit of TLC.

After a bit of a brush off, a measure and tweak and a new outfit she looks just like me! It's a bit weird to see yourself in 3D. I was a bit surprised! Not a bad sort after all ;-) I am an athletic type so I always feel a lot bigger than I actually am. I'm solid (its all muscle....I wish!) but I am not as HUGE as I tell myself I am. It was a good exercise for my body image.

Look how tall my boys are getting!

And according to my youngest son 'Pricilla' does look just like mummy! Here he is, true to form, hamming it up for the camera....

I have well and truly been hooked with these Granny Slippers

A pair for me....

A pair for youngest son....

And a pair for No 1 son!
I might be giving myself RSI so I had better mix it up a little bit....

I have been having a bit of trouble with my spinning wheel. I have the use of a large flyer but it doesn't want to line up with my wheel. If anyone reading my blog knows if this is the right baseplate for a large Ashford flyer or not please let me know. I am hoping to have a go at the novelty yarns, I love how they look with all the extra bits and bumps in them.

And finally if you have got this far? The Puppies!

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails....

How CUTE are these pair....

Now head on over to Kirsty's for more creativity and have a fabulous day :-)


  1. Jenni please stop posting photos of the puppies, they are so cute I might want one.
    I have an Ashford spinning wheel but not a large flyer, so not sure whether I can help you. (Spinning wheel is up in the studio, it is cold and dark outside, so will have a look in the morning.)
    Those slippers look great, what ply wool did you use?

  2. oh wow, you have been a busy soul! 3 pairs of the fantastic granny slippers now, well done :)

    and isn't that lovely that you have such a helpful mother in law who brings you wonderful presents like that!

  3. Oh my goodness granny slippers everywhere...
    I adore the wool you have used...
    It looks so soft and comfy...
    and not forgeting your oh so sweet puppies...
    too cute....It makes me want another one...

  4. You've been very busy, great find, Pricilla looks fantastic. Such a great pattern for the granny slippers.

  5. the puppies look sooooo adorable!

  6. how cute? too cute by far. crikey they are sweet. love those very cozy looking slippers...gorgeous

  7. How great to get a mannequin - I've been looking for ages. Those slippers are great - I have been eying them up over The Royal Sisters. And as for those puppies, well what can you say?! x

  8. Great post. I have a mannequin in the loft, must get it down and play.

    Love the photo of the puppies on the plate. They are adorable. You have been very busy on the slipper front!!! :O)

  9. A mannequin always evokes a wonderful general vintage-y feeling in me. I dont know why!

    Agree- stop posting puppy pics. I have two already ...that's more than enough ! But yours are sooooooo cute !

  10. Love the slippers Jenni! And such cute puppies!

  11. My MIL gave me one of those mannequins a few weeks back! I just haven't figure out how to make it "me" yet! :-) The puppies are incredibly sweet and the slippers are amazing. Might need to get that pattern myself when winter rolls around here.

  12. that dress is gorgeous ... and it's the perfect time for those warm looking slippers.
    My Creative Space

  13. The slippers look really substantial and comfy - kind of like yard crocs. Hmmmm. And the puppies? Stop, you!!! STOP!!

    the dress form: my girls get really irritated with me at Disneyland, because I get to where I'm seeing all these women's behinds all around me, and I keep asking the girls, which one looks like me??? Because I can't know how to feel about how I look. But now you have this living shape right in front of you, and you can do a 360 and really get an accurate self concept. Cool. I feel huge, too. And I eat not that much. And work horses. Can't figure it out. I"ve decided I need to dump 20 pounds, but am told that would reduce me to nothing. Yeah. I wish. The dress form, I notice, has no rolls -

  14. Hullo there you creative mind you!! Amazing slippers, and as said above, amazing yarn :-) I like the dress too and wish I could make things like that! But I'll stick to my little hook and my 277 stitches for now ;-p Love the pups in the plate with food all around :-D Thanks for posting a comment on my space: appreciate the moral support, always ;-)


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