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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Granny Slippers

I have just purchased a pattern for Granny Slippers from The Royal Sisters

I have to say that they were so much fun to make and I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE them....

I think they might even be my new best friends!

If you are looking for instant gratification in your next project then you have to check these out....

You can purchase the pattern for the Granny Slippers from The Royal Sisters over on ETSY ....

I was going thru my albums and came across this photo.

Boys are so easy to dress!!

Hmmmm....on closer inspection no wonder I like my green slippers - LOL!!

Now if you are having puppy withdrawals....

Have a perfect weekend :-)



  1. I have a fetish for dog paws, you have satisfied me! If you remember Aussie who lived with us in the old days, I really loved his paws with the golden hairs. It was what I used to observe to remember for the days after he was gone. Now this mad Bunny I have with her 'pronated' paws, bony knees and bow legs, I just love her shape. Her paws are either clipped or bursting with hair in the spaces inbetween. What character.
    These pup-paws are divine and have not yet met the dirt. Good luck.

  2. Oh and what great granny slippers!!!
    They look like the woolen version of crocs.
    Brought a lovely granny square blanket on your behalf from Rusty's Market today.
    Quite eclectic in colour choices. Looking forward to seeing it on your blog. What a bargain!
    Thank you to some eclectic 'granny' out there.

  3. I want to get me some of those slippers. Dont talk to me about patterns -I dont crochet . Do you think I could make some using a hot glue gun?

    Puppies = bundles of gorgeousness.

  4. great slippers!! won't they be just perfect for warmer weather too, no socks, nice and breezy. unfortunately my feet still get cold with socks and my spotty slipper boots so anything with holes is not for me :(

    and i swear those puppies are getting cuter and cuter each day! their little pink noses and paws! awwww

  5. Loving your slippers! ...infact - everything in this post is super cute.

  6. Love the slippers... I so wanted to win that pattern!!!!!

  7. Love those slippers, I think I might have to get that pattern. Such cute photos of the puppies and those paws, aaahhh.

  8. Cute slippers, and puppies!

  9. I thought they looked like woollen crocs too.... :O)

    Love the pink paws and all the pinkness round the pups' noses

  10. I LOVE those slippers!! I want some! Puppies are still cute.

  11. I like those slippers! And the puppies!!


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