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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Creative Space

From one extreme to the other....

I have been having fun doing a couple of different projects this week.   From the tiny hook 1.5m for the beaded jug cover to hand size for the crocheted Granny floor rug.

Each project has had its challenges disregarding the difficulty of just changing between hook sizes.

The beaded jug cover is a first for me and it is not perfect but I am happy with how it went.  Nan has been asking me for ages to make her one so I gave it a go and Ta-Da!!

The floor rug also had its problems!   I absolutely LOVED making it, it was so rewarding and fun!!    My challenge is going to be sourcing the raw materials.   I would like to make it out of cotton rope but up here in FNQ I am unable to obtain it for less than $1.40 a metre!  Just one granny square will need between 70 and 100 metres depending on how many rounds I choose to do....

So there is the dilemma, how on earth will anyone be able to afford the rugs even if I made them at cost and threw in my time just for the fun of making one???

Maybe I will have to look offshore for a cheaper source??  

What do you think,  keep going or scrap the idea and put it on my to-do list for when I am rich and famous?? 

Now for just a teaser of something else I have been creating....

I will be able to reveal in a couple of weeks.  Pop over to  Kirsty's   for more of this weeks creative genius   :-)


  1. How about cutting up fabric into strips, a la a rag rug. You could use old sheets etc, that way you could keep the cost down. It shouldn't fray once it is all crocheted up.
    I love the beaded jug cover, I want to try crocheting something small eventually, but it will have to wait until I get over my quilting debacle though.

  2. I love the giant granny - If I were you, I would make at least one to keep. :)

  3. Love the crochet - I have never had the courage to go quite that small in my crochet so well done to you for your jug cover! x

  4. When I saw that giant granny the other day, I thought of clothesline. I have no idea what the price is or even if it's cotton or not, or whether it's something easy for you to get.

    The other thing I thought of is rags or scraps. This would be more work since they would have to be cut and -- /folded/ /rolled?/ /braided?/ -- spool knitted! I don't know if it would have the look you want, either.

  5. That jug covers brilliant! Maybe scrap the huge crochet till your rich, it would be pricey or maybe you could use ripped up sheets or something to get a good cord??

    Is that a painting? It looks great.

  6. I love the beaded jug cover, it is really pretty. I think the other comments are good re using rags.......... or perhaps you could dye old sheets to get one colour?

  7. I LOVE the two extremes! Just yesterday, I saw my lid-less jug of water and thought "I need to make a jug cover!" I like the rag-rug idea!

  8. Your jug cover is ace. Love it!
    I saw a floor rug crocheted out of jean strips somewhere... got no other ideas though.


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