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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Creative Space

How much fun am I going to have with this!!

Made for me by another creative person when I expressed my desire to go Large!!

Kirsty is away this week but I am sure there will be others playing in her creative space, want to join in??

Head over here :-)


  1. oh my! what on earth are you going to make with that!

  2. Good Grief...thats a crochet hook right? (showing complete ignorance here )

    you could make a blanket REALLY Fast with that ...if you had massive wool!

    Is that the way it works? Big wool, big hook, big blanket?

  3. Oh My! Looks gorgeous...the mind boggles though. Have heaps of fun :)

  4. Yay! How exciting!
    I can't wait to see how you get on with it.

  5. Oh wow! It's BIG! I think it's lovely that someone made it for you. So nice!

  6. Oh Jenni, would love to see a video of you crocheting with that!

  7. What a wonderful thing to have had made!!!! Can't wait to see you using it... :O)))))

  8. wow, what a hook! here we go; make a chain, and another and there...all done. :o) that looks like shephards tool as much as a crochet hook-no one better dis' you when you have that in your hand-'respect!' :o)

  9. I've just come across your lovely blog and had to say 'hi'!

    Can I have all the puppies!!! They are sooooo cute!! Might be a bit awkward sending them over to England though! :(


  10. heyyy! thanks for dropping by my craft blog! did u leave a comment under the Shivers scarf? i received an email notification for it but i don't see it on the blog itself! so i have to answer your question here if you don't mind... i used 9mmknitting needles for the shiver yarn. and YES, it's a really soft and lovely yarn. i think u will enjoy knitting it! perhaps u could use this gigantic crochet hook for it as well! :D


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