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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Horse Play

This was just too funny not to share! Don't show it to my Husband he worries about me and my pets enough as it is.......I think 'Squirrel' would love to do this!! :-)


  1. Jen - how did you get him to do that? He's just beautiful, too. LOL. I wish I had time to just play. Sometimes having five is too many - you don't get to spend enough time with just one. Dang it. I won't tell.

  2. Only in America...........!! :O))))))))

  3. What a gorgeous pony! Oh how I love appaloosas! My mum bred one of her horses to an appaloosa... I have to admit however, he is the devil incarnate, but so beautiful! Your one looks so sweet and lovely!

  4. I'm still giggling as I write this, so wonderful! Thank you soooooo much for sharing this with us. Love Vanessa xxx

  5. this just made my day!!! I love love love animals! this is one of the best ever! thanks!


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