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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I will never be a Quilter....

I discovered this lovely book at the library this week and have been dying to get stuck into having a go....

Some material from my stash and a template....

and we have a delightful 'Sun Rose'. Doesn't that look cute....

another one, some felt and a few stitches....

and we have a lovely little needle case.... (sorry about the blurry is not your eyes )

add a few beads and its finished. I could make more of these, they are fun!

I have always loved the combinations of colour that Quilters come up with with their amazing quilts but unfortunately age has robbed me of my ability to judge a straight line so "i will never be a Quilter'. I can however enjoy a little colour and pattern creativity with these little flowers.

Kumiko Sudo has a whole collection of them for me to try in her book and my mind is overflowing with ideas for their uses....

Remember my large needles and a bit of a twist?

Gwenstella posted about her lovely cable scarf and thanks to Raglan Guld's fab tutorial about cables I thought I can do that....

Finally a scarf for ME!

Hope you are all having a great weekend! :-)


  1. Both of your creations look lovely Jenni. Love the colour of your scarf.

  2. Argh I just lost my comment!
    What I said was: Love the scarf and the quilting! Keep on that quilting buzz, it's fun to see!!!

  3. good work on the scarf, it looks wonderful. I had a look at leonies tute a while ago and still thought it looked extremely complicated! glad you managed to make sense of it all :)

  4. I really like it. But you're bad - just as bad as I am. I can't dare even look at books, because I'll buy too many, bring them home and then want to make everything. Everything that's cool, I wanna do. And there isn't enough time in mortality even for that, let alone the animals, the family - holy cats.

  5. I don't think I EVER had the ability to draw a straight line............

    Absolutely LOVE that scarf. SO unusual. LOVE IT!

  6. That little needle case is beautiful!!!

  7. I love the needle case too, and if you can sew a needle case you can sew a quilt. You could do wonky blocks. It's Ok if they look wonky.

    Love the colour and cute factor of that scarf !


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