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Monday, July 19, 2010

Serenity on Sunday....

Today I pruned my Garden....

Jacaranda, 3yrs old....

Bougainvillea, 4yrs old and originally a cutting from a 50 yr old plant that belonged to a friends Grandmother....

Juniper, 2yrs old....

Azalea, 2 yrs old....

These are the only other plants in MY garden! Jade Plants, hardy and easy to look after! I have another plant in the bathroom that was a gift from a brilliant gardening buddy, she assured me that it is hard to kill :-)

I have a black thumb so my dearest hubby is responsible for all the other lovely native plants and fruit trees that we have. I do have a couple of Jacaranda trees that I am nursing along and trying to keep out of reach of the cows. Remember THIS?

I just thought you might like to see one of the mummy's that comes to feed every afternoon on our nice sweet lawn. We have about 3 mums with bubs like this. She is keeping this little fellow warm for the winter but come spring he will be turfed out of his warm bed. I don't know how she manages to hop along at all carrying that burden!! I haven't seen him out of the pouch yet but judging by his size and the fact that he is eating grass (imagine lying in bed all day and eating!) I don't think it will be too long before he is told to get out and walk on his own two feet!!

Hope you have a great weekend and don't forget this is the last chance to enter my GIVEAWAY just leave a comment on this Post :-)


  1. Sounds like you had a very peacful Sunday. I enjoyed the photo of the kangaroo and her baby. I have often thought that laying in bed and munching all day long sounds like a really good idea!

  2. What a beautiful Kangaroo Mama & Bub. Gorgeous.
    Lovin' all your little plants too!

  3. I love Bonsai, but have killed the couple of plants I tried to grow. I am much better with regular plants. I have lots of lattice at my place too! Cute photo of the wildlife.

  4. Love the bonsai, very cute indeed, but the real wow is the wonderful kangaroos, Just heavenly.

  5. Love that top photo! The shelves and lattice set them off just right.....

    That baby kangaroo looks massive in relation to it's mother, she must get so tired.....

  6. Love your garden. I had a mini Japanese garden at my previous house and it reminded me of it. It's something I'd love to do again even though we now live in a 200 year old cottage so it wouldn't exactly be in-keeping!

  7. Blogger ate my original comment...and it was brilliant too! So I'll just say I have black thumb disease as well and the only things I manage to remember to water are also in pots.

    Glad you had a peaceful Sunday! Really. I'm going to have one of those soon.Really.

  8. What an idiot I am, confusing north with south. I can hear the accent in your voice as you write. How amazing to me that you have kangaroo around your place. How amazing that what is normal in one place is a wonder in another (though I can't think of any animals here that would amaze you much). I am black thumbed, also, and actually feel some relief when a plant given to me actually finally gives up the ghost and has to be retired. I apologize to any and all gardeners who read this thing - I WISH I had the gift and the desire. The charm of my yard is in its wildness.

  9. Oh! That Kangaroo and her baby look so sweet!

    I'll never be able to show plants on my blog older than let's say a year - as soon as a plant enters our home its days are counted - don't know why (well I do know why, actually)... maybe I should give it a try one more time...


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