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Monday, July 12, 2010

Spoils from the Show

I'm Bragging Now....

Remember these creations that I recently entered in the local Agricultural Show?

Woo Hoo!!     Look at this....

Now because I am so pleased that I won at the show I am celebrating with a GIVEAWAY!

Thats right I thought I should share the love   :-)

Some luscious knitting with some funky wool and we have a beautiful Rainbow  'Sideways Shawl'   The Shawl is a favourite up here in FNQ and I have had numerous requests for this pattern as it is so cosy and it is also versatile.  The main part of the shawl is not wool in this one,  but it is a nice soft novelty yarn which is not scratchy on your skin.  The stripes are wool so you will have to be careful with washing or getting it wet.    Now if you would like to knit one up for yourself here is the link to Pickles  for the pattern.

BUT  if you would like a chance to win this lovely shawl just leave a comment and I will draw a winner next Tuesday (20/7), that way all  my readers overseas will get a chance to enter.

Doesn't that look snuggly!!....

And finally here is a sneak peek at a little something I have been working on with my HUGE crochet hook....

Just playing around with a pattern at the moment but should have a reveal in a few days.  This was our display at the show with all our lovely wool and our spinning wheels.     :-)


  1. Congrats. to you on the first and second place win at the fair! Your yarn and lamp shade are wonderful! Is this the first time you have entered something in a fair?

    I love the shawl and would love to be entered to win it. I really do think it looks yummy!

  2. Hi Jen, I am back on my blog, sheesh-shingly, so see you back there soon.
    I am certainly entering into the shawl comp!
    Fabulous win at the show, great rewards for something you love to do!
    Lets catch up for some more bloggle-land soon.
    lol Magda

  3. super big congratulations on your winnings!! You must've been extra pleased after all your hard work! I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to turn the novelty yarn into :)

  4. Wow, congratulations! Well done! Ooh, the shawl is lovely, I'd so love to win! So would Raymond!

  5. You're a winner !!
    I like to be that as well.... That shawl looks so beautiful, soft and snugly

  6. That's one serious crochet hook! Many congratulations on your awards, so well deserved. Please enter me in your great giveaway (if you think it's fair that I should get a chance of more goodies from you, I'll understand if not), the shawl is wonderful, looks so yummy on and just what I need as it's cooler today and wet after weeks of very hot weather ha ha. Glad it's not itchy too, so important. I'm off to look at the pattern just in case. Have a great day, Lis x

  7. Congratulations on winning 1st and 2nd place!!! Have you any plans to use the novelty yarn? It is fantastically original!!

    Glad to see the 2nd photo of the shawl as it does it really shows how scrummy it is when displayed on around 'someone'.

    As for the huge crochet on earth do you manage to work with it???! Can't wait to see your reveal!!

  8. So you should be bragging, congratulations Jenni, that is fantastic.
    I love your huge crochet hook, hope you don't get RSI with that one!!! What a fabulous shawl, you are very creative and clever.

  9. congratulations! and yes the scarf does look really snuggly indeed!!! i need that for winter right now!!!

  10. Congrats Jenni!! Well done. That shawl does look snuggly.

  11. Aha! I am able to comment today....... Blogger wasn't allowing me to do anything the other day when this post was published. Well done re the prizes and wow, but that shawl is just THE snuggliest of looking items.

    Fascinating to see you with your giant hook.....

  12. Congrats on the win, I think I might be inspired to enter something in the show here this year. That snuggly shawl is just the ticket for the bitter frosty cold we have had recently I'm a bit of a sucker for a rainbow too. x

  13. well done on your win! You scarf is lovely ♥ Love the new hat/hair net you made, i need one of those for my mane .. thanks for inspiring me to grab my crochet hook ... it's been a while! ha!

  14. the shawl does look snuggly and warm! wonderful creation. I really love that your beanie looks like you have braided your hair and pinned it up. Fantastic!

  15. It's nice to be reccognised for all your creative efforts. Congrats!! Meanwhile your shawl is super wicked and would be right at home here with moi!! Hehe

    Xo Steph

  16. Your beanie is really cute, and I agree, never take what hubby has to say to heart...First time here and i've enjoyed looking around. The shawl is so pretty. Congrats on your awards.

  17. Hiya! I'm in :) Well done on the awards Jenni! Brilliant!!!

  18. BRAVO BRAVO! Congratulations on your prizes! That must be an awesome feeling. I always love a good certificate.
    Beautiful shawl - thanks for offering the chance to win :)

  19. Holy cats, dear girl - when you said gigantic needle, I was thinking you just meant really, really big. The shawl is super cool.

  20. Jenni, thats fabulous ! Congratulations you clever chick.

    What do husbands know. I think your beanie rocks !

    P.S. So does the shawl. And I live in a really cold place...


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