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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Turning Japanese

Watashi no na me wa Jenni des :-)

I hope that says my name is Jenni in Japanese! It is one of the few phrases I picked up working as a tourist guide for Mulgrave River Horse Adventures. We used to collect guests from their hotels in Cairns and take them for a real Aussie style horse riding adventure. 3 hours on a horse for the first time, up and down hills and then across the river before a few quick trots before heading for home. I am amazed that any of our poor guests could walk the next day! We did all have a lot of fun and I met some lovely people from around the world.

Look at what the lovely Lis from Sashiko Started It has sent me for our swap!!!

It is all so yummy!

I can't even bring myself to open the packets.....I am just going to gaze and admire for a bit longer. I have a few ideas for these goodies but I am in no hurry....

Arigato go si masta Liz, I lOVE what you have sent me!

Lis also has a quilting blog, Online Quilting .... do you want to see some truly beautiful work? Then you have to pop over and have a look, Lis's stitching skills are amazing!!

Thankyou for our swap Lis I have really enjoyed it :-)


  1. If you can't bear to open it, send it over here and I'll do it for you....;O))))))

  2. You're a lucky duck! Those goodies look gorgeous!!

  3. I'll have my daughter read your Japanese and advise you on your accuracy. You would not want to have said, "My mother eats horses," or something. I want to come be wrangled by you down under for three hours. I just was wrangled by my horse maven in the high mountains of Utah for three hours, riding one of her horses (I'd known the horse for years, but never had my behind in the seat). I was wishing I had my little red Zion with me the whole time. He'd have loved the upslopes and utterly hated the down ones. But I missed him. Kiss was twice as big around and I'm afraid, as the evening wears on, I'm going to be saddle sore for the first time in ten years.

    Crossing a river. I should try that, using the river in my back yard -

    Naw. Zi would never approve.

    And phooey - I wish I'd been part of a swap that yielded a treat like that!

  4. Yes, I remember the days too when I was working in the the Emergency Dept in Cairns and we were treating those poor Japanese tourists with broken arms after falling from their horse.
    We just used interpreters which means the only Japanese word I know is sushi! lol


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