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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Rite of Passage

My Dad sent me this card when my two boys were still very small. I loved it so much that I made it into a magnet AND it has had pride of place on the fridge ever since....

One question this always raises is 'What do you consider the 5 to be?' Five years old?? or 5 o'clock in the afternoon??

I used to always say 5 o'clock in the afternoon as the days were long when the boys were small (still are actually). As the boys got older and more active/adventurous I thought it meant 5 years old.

Now that we have passed that milestone it seems that it would mean 5 years old BUT today I discovered that it can still mean 5 o'clock in the afternoon!

Dearest Beloved came home this weekend with a present for the boys that was given to him a few weeks ago and he has been lovingly restoring it back to health ever since....

We look mighty pleased with ourselves don't we! I was hoping this would wait a bit longer but NO the male in the house had spoken and it is a boy thing....

I look like a very worried mother don't I!!! Billy took the photo (hence the lack of focus, but you certainly get the idea) while I anxiously watched my youngest speedster master bike skills. I only lasted long enough to take a few photos and then I went back down the driveway to the house and shut myself in the kitchen so I couldn't hear the bike and all the screaming that as a mother I was assuming was out of terror or pain! Some of it was (a mother always knows) but they I know why they say Boys will be Boys!

Happy Little Vegemites, and a proud Daddy....

And finally here is a photo of me at the markets Wearing My Hat ( that I LOVE), a few requests to see me in the masterpiece so here we are!

Have a great weekend
Jen :-)

A Quick Question

Is everyone having trouble loading Blogs ie: they take ages to upload....or is it just me and both my computers????

Friday, August 27, 2010

Creative Friday

A few weeks ago in the school holidays we had a couple of KCD's = Kids Craft Day....


Lots of eager participants....

A huge pile of torn up newspaper....

Loads of Yummy Blue paste....

A Template! I glued it to cereal cartons for stability....

Cut out with some grown up help and the ends taped together to hold, and we are ready to go....

This is where we got the idea from, thanks Ann :-) ....

Now cover everything with the paste and the paper, we did two layers. Leave for a day or two to dry....

Week 2.

We gathered our supplies:

Material for the sail,
BBQ skewers for the mast
string to attach the sail to the mast and the boat
buttons to tie the string to.
tapestry needle

Ann Wood has a brilliant tutorial and explains all the steps HERE....

I didn't take photo's of the second stage of making the boats as I forgot my camera :-(
One of my lovely friends took these photo's for me :-)

I did find one thing out that helped with the smaller peeps....use an old shirt or something that has a hem. Then you cut the sail out so that the hem is the edge of the sail that you thread the BBQ skewer through to make the mast...Voila - Sail is ALREADY attached to the mast!


These are our finished boats! They turned out beautifully and the kids had a great time making them.

Aren't they FABULOUS!!!

Want to see who else has been creative this week? Go to Natural Suburbia and see :-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative Space

This Thursday I have not been very creative. I went to my studio with great intentions of sewing up a storm for the Markets this weekend but I was tired....

You know what it's like when you are almost finished a good story and you just can't put it down because you just have to know the ending??

This was what I was reading. It is a great story and I stayed up half the night finishing the book. So today I am a little weary and my sewing is a little crooked.....time for a coffee instead!

Have you read any of Jojo Moyes books??

I have read a few now and they are real page turners by the end, you just have to finish them!

So not much to see here so pop over to Kirsty's and see who has been creative this week :-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Acts of Love

I have been seeing lots of acts of love in Blogland and recently found Mrs Twins. Such a lovely person who is making blankets for charity. Sunshine International Blankets of Love or SIBOL for short.

Mrs Twins is collecting Granny Squares from all over the world and then hooking them together to make lovely blankets that are given with love to elderly residents in numerous locations in the UK.

This idea struck a chord with me as my Grandma was a resident in a home in the UK for a number of years after suffering a stroke which left her unable to look after herself. I would have liked to know that someone who cared had shared a gift of warmth and love, such a heartfelt gesture that I am sure is most welcome and appreciated by the receiver.

Mrs Twins has a few themes/challenges on the go so you have plenty of inspiration. I had some camouflage wool left over from knitting the boys a 'camouflage bunny' so I thought it would suit the 'Gentlemans Blanket' theme.

Pop over and visit the SIBOL page and see the lovely blankets that Mrs Twins has made and she has even dedicated a slide show to my little squares! They look quite impressive with a bit of professional photography :-)

What a lovely idea and such an inspiration to us all Mrs Twins, Thank you xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010


This one ticks all the right boxes and it has some pretty snazzy knitting skills to boot....

1. It is for me

2. It is made with Patons 'Wilderness' yarn, so soft, chunky and scrummy and unfortunately for me it is discontinued :-(

3. It is quirky enough for me to wear (not outside or to town I hope said Hubby!!) Oh yes will grow on him!

4. I can enter it in the Alice Springs Beanie Festival next year

5. It is my own design...Hubby reckons no one else would be mad enough to wear it!

6. It's in some of my favourite earthy colours

7. There is enough room to accommodate my growing locks so it will last more than one season

Now I am going to skite a bit....

Kitchener stitch to join (grafting), and you can hardly see it!

Stranded colourwork using 3 colours....I can even show you the inside (pretty neat huh!) and I haven't done any of that for 30yrs!!!

I am really happy with the knitting/crochet combination, I think I will have to try some more of this :-)

I just wanted to add a big thank you to all my followers and readers who leave comments and to all the lovely bloggers I follow who inspire me to create by sharing their own creativity. I also wanted to say thank you for sharing all the highs and lows of your daily grind as it helps me to feel connected and not so alone in this big wide world. After a big day with 2 active boys it is lovely to connect and be cheered by everyones lovely posts. ( I am saying a prayer to the computer God as I write this!)

And Finally....

How CUTE is this!.... Spring is on the way!

Ciao for now,

Jenni :-) xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

Creative Friday

Imogen :-)

See more Friday Creativity at this lovely place Natural Suburbia

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space

Today in my Creative Space I played with this lusciousness! All soft warm and pink....

Do you recognise the shape?....

Can you guess who it is for?....

Are you playing today? Do POP over to Kirsty's and check out who else has been creative today and you will also find the pattern for the lovely granny shrug which this little one is modelled off. :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Science Anyone?


You can find this here on Etsy

What a riot :-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Creative Friday

This week I have been using some of this lovely wool....

and doing lots and lots of this....

This is 'Imogen' the ballerina! She is a Natures Doll designed by Jenny King Designs. I purchased the pattern and the wool as a kit from her website HERE .

Isn't she Great!!!

She is about 4 times larger than the dolls/animals I usually make so I was a little thrown by the pattern as there are no dimensions to let you know how small, or as in this case Large the doll is going to be....

The more I crocheted her the more I liked her, she is really huggable! The Ashford wool is divine! Don't you love her hair?

Next step is into the washing machine....
Have a great weekend and pop over to Linda's space to check out some more lovely creativity in blogland :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Creative Space

This week my creative space happened on the weekend. I got together with my fellow fibrecrafters from the Tablelands for a weekend of creativity, friendship, food and laughter....

Thats us 'The Coffee Drop Crafters'!

This is one of our lovely members and we stayed at her place which was close to the lake and quietly nestled amongst the trees. A beautiful spot. Betty breeds Mohair Goats. It is long hard hours and lots of hard labour but look at the results....

Absolutely adorable and look at that fleece!! Betty clips all her goats herself and lucky us get to have a choice from all the yummy wool. Betty is a 'Genius' spinner as well and can often be seen in town during an event dressed in period costume and spinning away at her wheel. She is a great inspiration to all of us and an integral member of our group.....Yay Betty xx

Here I am having a go at spinning with the spindle....

I am having a plateau with my wheel spinning so I have gone to the spindle to help my hands get a better feel for the fibre and hopefully a memory for nicely spun wool??

I did come home with a few purchases as we had an auction and I can't resist home spun wool especially if I haven't spun it myself. I scored the lovely ball of mohair wool and almost a kilo of kid mohair just cut straight from the goat....Lots of work ahead for me but if you felt the fleece you would also be compelled to bid for it :-)

Go and check out who else is being creative over at Kirsty's there is a lot of inspriation!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holy Cow!

Yay!!!! 'Clover' became a proud mummy this morning at about 4:30am.

She had a little bull calf and my boys have named him 'Clancy'.

He is of course adorable!

I think I will just let the photos speak for themselves....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Climbing mountains


This is 'Tadpole' He and I are now bestest buddies and we climbed Mt Everest today! I have been doing lots of work on the ground with Tadpole to bond with him and as he has had a sore leg I was unable to ride him. Today we changed that!

Tadpole has been used as a Roping Horse at rodeos so he has had some tough owners. That means that he has developed a habit of running away from pressure. This makes him a bit excitable and skittish.

I have been getting over a horse accident a few years back so that has made me nervous and trepidatious about horses, especially ones that I don't really know or have never ridden before.

So for both of us today was a little like climbing mountains.

I work Tadpole and as soon as he gets nervous I stop and give him time to take a breath and get his confidence back, he has been coming along beautifully so today it was my turn to stop and take a breath.

Today I felt like I was stepping off a cliff! I took a deep breath said a prayer, let go of the fear and trusted Tadpole and then stepped aboard. Tadpoles ears were flat to his head so he was ready to react as well, his previous experience would have involved heavy spurs, and so we just sat and both took some nice slow deep breaths.

It was magical.....he relaxed, I relaxed and then we had a little walk together to get the feel of each other.

We did some turns and some stops and backing up, all without any pressure and Tadpole was a dream. He is like sitting in a lounge chair! Then we finished while we were both happy and confident. I gave him a huge hug and I could feel him hugging me back.....we were both elated!!

See how he is now very sooky around me, nice soft eye and submissive body language, he is waiting for his treat meal here. Notice also how small his rug is around his neck! He is a big muscle bound boy....all chest and arse, Lovely!

You may not be able to see what this photo is very well but while I was having lunch today my flock of Guinea Fowl (who are fairly new) decided that the boys trampoline was the best place for a rest and a lie in the sun. I could hear all this chattering and it took me a while to work out where it was coming from, see them at the back of the net. They are the funniest birds. Where one goes they all go....'Following the leader'....

and finally here is a photo of Clover, I think she is about to burst.....hopefully it won't be too long before we have a little Clover running around!!

Have a great week everyone :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Creative Friday

The only thing that I did that was creative today was help at the school tuck shop for Sports Day .

7 hours with only two of us and then this evening a School Disco.........

This is about how I feel right now, not a creative bone left in my body!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space

Why would you use paper when you can recycle??

Getting some stock ready for the markets.

I LOVE this idea don't you?

Check out who else is playing this week over at Kootoyoo


Sunday, August 1, 2010


This may be 'flogging a dead horse' but it was too funny not to share :-)

Real men Knit....

Apparently House socks still need to have legs in them!! I am sure you can guess my reaction to that....

Anyway after a bit of creative thinking we have a bitsa, a cross-breed or a bit of a mongrel, take your pick....

And The Old Man should take note of this....