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Monday, August 9, 2010

Climbing mountains


This is 'Tadpole' He and I are now bestest buddies and we climbed Mt Everest today! I have been doing lots of work on the ground with Tadpole to bond with him and as he has had a sore leg I was unable to ride him. Today we changed that!

Tadpole has been used as a Roping Horse at rodeos so he has had some tough owners. That means that he has developed a habit of running away from pressure. This makes him a bit excitable and skittish.

I have been getting over a horse accident a few years back so that has made me nervous and trepidatious about horses, especially ones that I don't really know or have never ridden before.

So for both of us today was a little like climbing mountains.

I work Tadpole and as soon as he gets nervous I stop and give him time to take a breath and get his confidence back, he has been coming along beautifully so today it was my turn to stop and take a breath.

Today I felt like I was stepping off a cliff! I took a deep breath said a prayer, let go of the fear and trusted Tadpole and then stepped aboard. Tadpoles ears were flat to his head so he was ready to react as well, his previous experience would have involved heavy spurs, and so we just sat and both took some nice slow deep breaths.

It was magical.....he relaxed, I relaxed and then we had a little walk together to get the feel of each other.

We did some turns and some stops and backing up, all without any pressure and Tadpole was a dream. He is like sitting in a lounge chair! Then we finished while we were both happy and confident. I gave him a huge hug and I could feel him hugging me back.....we were both elated!!

See how he is now very sooky around me, nice soft eye and submissive body language, he is waiting for his treat meal here. Notice also how small his rug is around his neck! He is a big muscle bound boy....all chest and arse, Lovely!

You may not be able to see what this photo is very well but while I was having lunch today my flock of Guinea Fowl (who are fairly new) decided that the boys trampoline was the best place for a rest and a lie in the sun. I could hear all this chattering and it took me a while to work out where it was coming from, see them at the back of the net. They are the funniest birds. Where one goes they all go....'Following the leader'....

and finally here is a photo of Clover, I think she is about to burst.....hopefully it won't be too long before we have a little Clover running around!!

Have a great week everyone :-)


  1. I bet you are just so stoked on your results with tadpole, just like he would be too. sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship!

  2. How wonderful that you and Tadpole can help each other. The Guinea Fowl fascinated me... we had considered getting some, they are so lovely. Hoping all goes well for Clover.

  3. Clover is wonderful! I would love to come and pet her. HOw wonderful that you and Tadpole were able to bond. I bet you both were on cloud 9! I love to hear stories like this.

  4. Oh, Jenni - I loved this post. Loved it. What a challenge and what a merciful thing it is, a horse with the old-school male-serving history (and roping is so intense and high pressure) and a woman with a scare in her past. That we've been shown how to do ground work is an incredible blessing (thank you, Tom Dorrance, for showing the men that horses are alive, and thinking and feeling creatures). I'm a Parelli girl, myself - found him about six months after I got my first horse, some ten years ago. It gave me the tools I needed to bridge the gap between species, and to learn a wholly different language and brain process.

    I LOVE ground work. I love learning these things. When I first really worked hard with my colt and saw him changing directions, and doing the complex set of things I asked him to do, I was flying.

    I am feeling that fear of getting up in the saddle, finally, as I read this. It IS like climbing Everest. And the rush of joy when it has been all right. Poor boy, the ears flat back. But climbing into the saddle, and just sitting without any pressure anywhere? That is peace. My Sophie is funny. She puts her ears back and lowers her head - not when you climb up, but at the slightest suggestion of leg. You have to push through that, and sometimes even bonk her nose, if she pretends to turn back to nip (she never bites - just lets you know she can). But after ten minutes of walking around the the arena, the ears have forgotten she's mad, and she's looking around and thinking again.

    they're so funny. I'm So happy, so very happy, that all the groundwork has paid off in friendship and trust. In fact, honestly, it makes me pretty teary, just thinking about it. I knew I liked you.

    And what a wonderful, wide place you have. I love that sound of chatting fowl. They sound so serious - "Have you seen that white lion pattern of Linda's" Divine, isn't it?" "Oh, and Sarah's daughter is seeing that boy . . . "

    Good luck to clover. Wonderful trees. Hope the boys don't have to clean the tramp too much before the use it again.

    And Tadpole. I would be honored to know that you have dropped a kiss on his velvet nose under my direction. Say, "Kristen wanted you to have this." And then my name will have been spoken in Australia. And my love will have been given there, too.

  5. Oh - and I always say a prayer before I mount up. And I ask that my horse and I are linked in calm and respect. I believe it helps.

    And he's beautiful in his purple rope halter. Wait - only two knots. Does this mean you're Parelli, too?

  6. Sounds like you've been doing some fantastic work with Tadpole, what a day!

    Clover looks great, hope the birth goes well for her. Crossing my fingers.


  7. Do you have the recipe or do you know where I can get it from for the magic spell I need to cast over Tadpole to turn him into a man? For me of course as you already have one.
    Maybe a kind of copy like we can do on computers so you still have a horse to ride and ummm I will have a man to....(I didn't say it you did!.
    Beautiful Jen, now I understand why we get on, lol....

  8. What a lovely story... it's so great that you could win tadpoles trust with your kindness, that's just awesome

  9. I am SOOOOOOOO proud of you and Tadpole. You have both come ALONG way.

    Congrats on the safe birth of Clancy...Clover looks a bit stunned...Like where the hell did that come from?????

    Keep it up precious person.

  10. That. Looks like a Clinton Anderson halter Kristen!! :D

    Kristen and I are at odds on this one. She is Parelli, I am Clinton Anderson. :) But we still love each other.

  11. Your Tadpole looks a bit like my Finale. Horses....... what can I say..... it's a girly thing that I've never outgrown. Loved this post.


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