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Friday, August 6, 2010

Creative Friday

The only thing that I did that was creative today was help at the school tuck shop for Sports Day .

7 hours with only two of us and then this evening a School Disco.........

This is about how I feel right now, not a creative bone left in my body!

Hop over HERE to see some real creativity today :-)


  1. Ha ha ha I know that feeling only too well. Hope you have a more restful day tomorrow.

  2. Thanks so much for posting on Creative Friday:) Thank you for all your lovely comments, we also have ties to Zimbabwe, my husband is from there. Awesome painting by Edward Munch, we studied him in art class way back when I was at school.
    Take care, it is wonderful to have met you and found your blog.

  3. Awww. Yes. The motherhood thing. And out of thirty mothers in the class - only two show up. uh-huh. When the choir trip was scheduled for Disneyland, it was surprising how many mothers suddenly became community minded. Tuck shop? As in "tucker"? Snacks? Refreshments? Interpret for the yank English speaker.

  4. Tomorrow is another day............ The picture you chose to illustrate your feelings made me smile though.

  5. thats a big day Jenni! I'm not surprised! you should take the day off today and relax youself to get energy to get back on the creative buzz!

  6. happens!! have a lovely weekend:)

  7. You summed it up so well, I can almost see the endless of queue of kids in front of you! Hope your weekend was happy and relaxing!! Xkate


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