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Friday, August 13, 2010

Creative Friday

This week I have been using some of this lovely wool....

and doing lots and lots of this....

This is 'Imogen' the ballerina! She is a Natures Doll designed by Jenny King Designs. I purchased the pattern and the wool as a kit from her website HERE .

Isn't she Great!!!

She is about 4 times larger than the dolls/animals I usually make so I was a little thrown by the pattern as there are no dimensions to let you know how small, or as in this case Large the doll is going to be....

The more I crocheted her the more I liked her, she is really huggable! The Ashford wool is divine! Don't you love her hair?

Next step is into the washing machine....
Have a great weekend and pop over to Linda's space to check out some more lovely creativity in blogland :-)


  1. Thanks for visiting my space, I have no idea why Blogger is not letting some leave comments but you can email me at if you like and I will try and cut/paste the comment to my blog....I appreciate the feedback, its good for my ego ;-)

  2. Menopausal Musings: I have tried twice to leave a comment re your lovely knitted doll but your blog wouldnt allow it yesterday or today....................

    Anyway, 'tis a lovely doll and I can't wait to see her after she has been in the washing machine. I know why you like her hair :O))))))))))))))))

  3. I've been wondering what the story with your comments has been. I've tried a few times in the last few days and been unsuccessful.
    LOVE the doll and cannot wait to see what she looks like after the machine. I do especially adore the fact that her hair looks like yours.

  4. OOh you have some gorgeous things on here! What a pleasure!
    is my email.
    I'm going to try and mail you now,
    thanks for stopping by SIBOL!
    hUGS sUEX

  5. amazing! you are clever I wouldn't know where to start! the wool does look so cozy! looking forward to seeing the next stage!:)

  6. Very looking forward to the finished product.
    She is going to be FAB.


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