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Friday, August 20, 2010

Creative Friday

Imogen :-)

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  1. Hi jenni!
    Imogen is just gorgeous! Are they dreadlocks I spy?
    Loved the science post the other day too... tried to leave a comment, but blogger told me to F--- off!!! (Not really... it was more polite than that)
    Have a lovely weekend XX

  2. Isn't she wonderful! Pink tutu and all, just adorable! And it looks like she's adored!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  3. That is the cutest ballerina ever! I love the hair! Cute kid too!!

  4. A-hah! I spy a little cardigan from your creative space! Imogen looks adorable, love her little ruffle skirt as well :)

  5. Nice to see your boy holding Imogen, it gives some idea of the scale of her. She looks wonderful with her new cardi!

  6. Imogen is a work of art. Love the tutu. Gawd you're clever!


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