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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Creative Space

This week my creative space happened on the weekend. I got together with my fellow fibrecrafters from the Tablelands for a weekend of creativity, friendship, food and laughter....

Thats us 'The Coffee Drop Crafters'!

This is one of our lovely members and we stayed at her place which was close to the lake and quietly nestled amongst the trees. A beautiful spot. Betty breeds Mohair Goats. It is long hard hours and lots of hard labour but look at the results....

Absolutely adorable and look at that fleece!! Betty clips all her goats herself and lucky us get to have a choice from all the yummy wool. Betty is a 'Genius' spinner as well and can often be seen in town during an event dressed in period costume and spinning away at her wheel. She is a great inspiration to all of us and an integral member of our group.....Yay Betty xx

Here I am having a go at spinning with the spindle....

I am having a plateau with my wheel spinning so I have gone to the spindle to help my hands get a better feel for the fibre and hopefully a memory for nicely spun wool??

I did come home with a few purchases as we had an auction and I can't resist home spun wool especially if I haven't spun it myself. I scored the lovely ball of mohair wool and almost a kilo of kid mohair just cut straight from the goat....Lots of work ahead for me but if you felt the fleece you would also be compelled to bid for it :-)

Go and check out who else is being creative over at Kirsty's there is a lot of inspriation!!


  1. hi, been meaning to come over and catchup but its all been a bit mad lately.

    Tadpole looks really well- yes, I see with his gorgeousy chunky look why you appreciate Bruce!
    I'm so pleased that things are going well with him, the Natural Horsemanship really pays dividends in the long run doesn't it.
    How big is he- are the roping horse quite small like American ones? Bruce is 15.3hh

    Hope that your patterns arrived ok, and that you're now kitted out (or should that be knitted out?!) in an 80s ensemble!

  2. how lovely having access to such a wonderfully talented crafting treasure, i bet you are soaking up all the knowledge she is sharing! good luck getting the spinning happening again in a more even manner

  3. Betty looks like a real character Jenni. Sounds like a great craft group you've got going. How are Clancy and Clover going? Is it too much to ask to have a daily photo??

  4. Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend:)

  5. That goat is a beauty and lucky you to have Betty in your life!

  6. It almost makes me want to dust off my spinning wheel and start spinning again. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  7. Here is how culturally deprived I am: I never saw a spindle work until early this summer, when my daughter dragged me off to a renaissance fair (in full costume, no less). Fun to see you doing it. Fun to hear about the group - when I see the word "stud" I am always disappointed to see anything but a glorious stallion. But that sheep does carry the stud arrogance, doesn't he? Congrats on your score!

  8. Betty looks like a total legend!
    Love your ballerina... isn't ashford the most delicious wool! It's the main wool I use as it's the stuff my mum sells and its loverley!
    Can't wait to see your ballerina all stuffed!

  9. I don't know if I'd like the spinning process. Something I'd like to try though. I love knitting, just haven't tried the actual spinning part.

  10. Arrrgh! Blogger won't let me post a comment on your doll post so I'll post my comment here on this one.

    That doll is a riot! Can't wait to see the next phase. I need to learn to crochet.......


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