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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space

Today in my Creative Space I played with this lusciousness! All soft warm and pink....

Do you recognise the shape?....

Can you guess who it is for?....

Are you playing today? Do POP over to Kirsty's and check out who else has been creative today and you will also find the pattern for the lovely granny shrug which this little one is modelled off. :-)


  1. Is it for the dread locked doll?
    I guess you are allowed to play pink dress ups with her since you only have boys.
    Its gorgeous!

  2. Must be me, but I can't find it on Kirsty's page - can you link to where you found this pattern, thanks?

    I've just completed my 1st knitted knitted BSJ!

  3. Its beautiful! the yarn looks like its sooo soft. Love the colour too.Is it for a baby doll?

  4. Hey, just popped by to say hello and thanks for visiting me. I have enjoyed having a look around your blog and I can't wait to find out more about you & your life in the Atherton Tablelands. Love the wool, what a pretty colour. Is it for the ballerina? x

  5. Love the pink!

    Gave you a mention today on my blog...Hope that was OK...It's probably been read by millions by now. he he he

  6. Thanks for the link and the visit to my blog!!!

  7. i was thinking outside the box for a bit there and somehow came up with the thought that they might be socks, until i readjusted and realised, oh, a little cardi. it does look super soft and snuggly :)

  8. Thanks for the wonderful comment about my Guinea Fowl. You are so sweet:) She is listed in my shop now. That pink yarn you are knitting with looks amazingly soft.

  9. It has to be for the doll............ :O))))))

  10. Look at you and your million comments! Pink! Pink! How do you have time for this and horse-training too, I wonder?

  11. Just a soft yarn! It looks like it would be silk in the hands.


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