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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Real men Knit....

Apparently House socks still need to have legs in them!! I am sure you can guess my reaction to that....

Anyway after a bit of creative thinking we have a bitsa, a cross-breed or a bit of a mongrel, take your pick....

And The Old Man should take note of this....


  1. It is Sunday and Blogger is being a bugger....hopefully this post didn't come up too many times!!

  2. Only once, but I can't see the video! The house socks still look very nice even with the knitted "legs". I would have taken them back!!!!

  3. It's so like a man to get a present and then make helpful suggestions about how to make said present acceptable. Oy. But old men have cold ankles, as you must know if you share a winter's night and a blanket. I am smiling at the thought of him making those adjustments himself. Jen - here is the truth of me: when my brother came up here to go to school, he came to visit one day all a-brag about some girl giving him a loaf of homemade bread. I knew darned well that he had NO idea how much work that loaf represented, so I dragged him to the kitchen then and there and made him make one of his own. No man within my sphere of influence will EVER go through life without knowing what that life cost his woman.

  4. I saw it!!! Roared when I saw the chap "weightlifting" with his needle and balls of wool.......... :O))))))))))

  5. Great little movie. Geez, having to 'add' to a present's a bit rough!

  6. Thanks for the laugh! Love the socks too :-)


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