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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Rite of Passage

My Dad sent me this card when my two boys were still very small. I loved it so much that I made it into a magnet AND it has had pride of place on the fridge ever since....

One question this always raises is 'What do you consider the 5 to be?' Five years old?? or 5 o'clock in the afternoon??

I used to always say 5 o'clock in the afternoon as the days were long when the boys were small (still are actually). As the boys got older and more active/adventurous I thought it meant 5 years old.

Now that we have passed that milestone it seems that it would mean 5 years old BUT today I discovered that it can still mean 5 o'clock in the afternoon!

Dearest Beloved came home this weekend with a present for the boys that was given to him a few weeks ago and he has been lovingly restoring it back to health ever since....

We look mighty pleased with ourselves don't we! I was hoping this would wait a bit longer but NO the male in the house had spoken and it is a boy thing....

I look like a very worried mother don't I!!! Billy took the photo (hence the lack of focus, but you certainly get the idea) while I anxiously watched my youngest speedster master bike skills. I only lasted long enough to take a few photos and then I went back down the driveway to the house and shut myself in the kitchen so I couldn't hear the bike and all the screaming that as a mother I was assuming was out of terror or pain! Some of it was (a mother always knows) but they I know why they say Boys will be Boys!

Happy Little Vegemites, and a proud Daddy....

And finally here is a photo of me at the markets Wearing My Hat ( that I LOVE), a few requests to see me in the masterpiece so here we are!

Have a great weekend
Jen :-)


  1. I like that card. I'm not sure whether I am going to do my job today, it's 4 pm now and she may not last another hour, unless I get out of the house!!!

    That looks like lots of fun, friends of mine have quad bikes and my beloved used to tear around their property when she was younger. I know how you feel.

    Love the hat, the tassel is absolutely fabulous.

  2. oh no! and red as well, you don't want red, surely they're supposed to go faster. the boys do look particularly stoked and dad certainly looks quite pleased with himself too. i'd be joining you in the kitchen, turning on some loud electric beaters very loud and pretending that nothing at all was happening out of the ordinary.

  3. Now THAT is a serious toy they have got there! Love the card! Wear that hat with pride! :O))))))

  4. the hat looks gorge! It's sooooo cool!
    As for the bike, well, they look pretty happy with themselves dont they! So funny, I bet your hubby is so pleased!

  5. That hat really suits you.

    Is that dirt bike the coolest gift EVER or what? And are you the most worried mum EVER or what?

    I used to call 4-6 pm arsenic hour. Because thats the time you want to feed your kids arsenic. I got Miss P through to 19 without a filling. As far as I'm concerned that's stellar parenting...

  6. Love the hat with a deep and abiding love. Want one. And I'd think 5 in the afternoon. As far as age goes, if they live past 3 i/2, we're good. But five in the afternoon is the stress point for me. And that red death-wagon from hell? I'd find a way to sabotage it, pronto. My own doctor nearly killed himself on the big version of one of those at the sand dunes. I am not fond.

  7. Oh I love that card! Yep, I was thinking 5pm. And boy - what a toy! I love the shot with the big and small versions (both quads and boys that is)! Best of luck nervous mummy!

  8. What a great post. I love the photo of you biting your fingernails, classic. I don't think I could have watched either. They do all look rather proud at the end though. xx

    Oh yeah and love that card.


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