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Saturday, August 21, 2010


This one ticks all the right boxes and it has some pretty snazzy knitting skills to boot....

1. It is for me

2. It is made with Patons 'Wilderness' yarn, so soft, chunky and scrummy and unfortunately for me it is discontinued :-(

3. It is quirky enough for me to wear (not outside or to town I hope said Hubby!!) Oh yes will grow on him!

4. I can enter it in the Alice Springs Beanie Festival next year

5. It is my own design...Hubby reckons no one else would be mad enough to wear it!

6. It's in some of my favourite earthy colours

7. There is enough room to accommodate my growing locks so it will last more than one season

Now I am going to skite a bit....

Kitchener stitch to join (grafting), and you can hardly see it!

Stranded colourwork using 3 colours....I can even show you the inside (pretty neat huh!) and I haven't done any of that for 30yrs!!!

I am really happy with the knitting/crochet combination, I think I will have to try some more of this :-)

I just wanted to add a big thank you to all my followers and readers who leave comments and to all the lovely bloggers I follow who inspire me to create by sharing their own creativity. I also wanted to say thank you for sharing all the highs and lows of your daily grind as it helps me to feel connected and not so alone in this big wide world. After a big day with 2 active boys it is lovely to connect and be cheered by everyones lovely posts. ( I am saying a prayer to the computer God as I write this!)

And Finally....

How CUTE is this!.... Spring is on the way!

Ciao for now,

Jenni :-) xx


  1. well done! it does look fantastic and even if i have no idea on those technical knitting terms i agree, i can barely see where it has been joined! very clever you!

    hope your day is a little more peaceful today and tomorrow with the boys back at school will hopefully give you a bit of time for feet up and blogland x

  2. well I kind of hate you right now. No, not at all, but really what kind of a knitting genius are you? That joining stitch is just un believable!! It is beautiful work Jenni, what a gorgeous, gorgeous hat. You are clever. So there. Them chickies are cuties. And I have flowers on my (sub troipcal) peach, so yep spring must be here!

  3. Love the hat - looks extremely toasty! Thanks for joining in on the Handmade Christmas Challenge this week. Great to have yet another crafty wonder join the challenge. Tracey :)

  4. Wow! You are so clever! that stitch is perfect! I feel like I should learn how to do that, as I am still not skilled to knit in the round...
    I tried but got so mad I threw the needles! they still have the first row on them ha ha ha ha ha
    Love the colour work too.
    I think you should wear it into town!!!
    And cute little chickens... spring is here Jenni! I noticed myself feeling hopeful and excited about life on saturday... something I haven't felt for a few months!!!

  5. I love quirky!

    Beautiful photo of the chickens...........

  6. I was just googling Kitchener stitch half an hour ago.
    How fun to see such a great example here.
    Loving the hat! But I'd love it even more if I saw a pic of you wearing it.
    Have a happy week. X

  7. That's a very interesting hat, really fascinating, the knit and crochet combination is very inspiring! I love it! Could we see a picture of you wearing it? Would love to see how it looks on. Experimenting is a fun challenge isn't it? Love Vanessa xxx

  8. I'm so glad you've done something for yourself ( says she typing with a pair of Baa originals on her toasty warm feet )

    I can see you in that hat. I really can.

    I got all excited yestrday when I realised it was only 8 days until spring. And now proof positive. Baby Chickens!

  9. I love your hat, it is gorgeous! Tell your hubby another person would wear it for sure - me, and I bet my Miss 4 would too :) Love it!

  10. That is one swell hat, chum. And tell hubby for me that he's the baame one, thank you very much. I'D go ANYWHERE with you wearing that hat, and be eaten up with envy the whole time, wishing it was on MY head. Alice Springs, is it? Shute's A Town Like Alice is one of my favorite books of all times. Now Alice is even better - we have no such class thing as a beanie festival. Lovely seam. Lovely knitting. Lovely chicks. All the chickens around here are young ladies now. I know, because I'm chick-sitting them again. One turned out to be a rooster. I can tell because the ladies are always chasing him around and pecking him.

  11. Oh yeah!!! Love the hat. You did a grand job on it. Wear it woman! Wear it with pride and know that much envy will abound when you do! I think it is brilliant!

    Fall around the corner here... my allergies tell me so. Sniffle....

  12. Awesome beanie!!! It'll be a winner in Alice for sure.


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