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Friday, September 3, 2010

Creative AND Favourite Things Friday

My Creative Friday this week involves this....

And some of this.... Can you guess what I am up too???

More lovely creativity over here at Natural Suburbia!

This week I am also joining in with Mrs P's Favourite Things Friday!

I have to confess that I am a nosey Parker and love finding out things about other people so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and find out more about my bloggy friends.

One of my favourite things (and anyone who knows me will agree) is my animals BUT what you may not know is that I am crazy about my horses lips,noses and eyes!!! Yep that's right! Horses are so expressive with their faces and their noses and lips are so SOFT! My babies all nibble and lick me as a sign of affection, and just watch a horses nose and lips who has smelt something funny....hysterical! There eyes will also tell you an awful lot if you tune into them. Look how in most of these photos their eyes are 'half asleep' or 'tolerating' of having my camera jammed into their faces. Then look at the brown horse on the left hand side....she had just smelt and seen the wool that is drying on the front lawn and had a right carry on about it....must have thought is was a dead she is startled, anxious and alert....

This one is my favourite, look how close I got and he couldn't care less :-)

Right I'm off outside to cuddle my horses....


  1. Show us the crocheted bra! I'm dying to see. There is a fountain where I live with some naked nymphs crying out for some bikinis.

  2. Fantastic!

    If I owned horses, I think I'd be in love with their lips, eyes and ears, too. ;)

  3. You're making bikinis! Is there anything you wont crochet?

    I love horses - it's been forever since I've ridden, although I used to every day. Love the pictures of your beauties. How lucky are you? The more I learn about your wonderful life the more I'm kicking my own pants for not moving to your corner of the world when I had the chance.

    Thanks for sharing one of your favourite things.

    P.S. I'll tell you how to do the linky thing if you tell me how to mosaic photos....

  4. OOh so funny!
    Im sure it will work out beautifully. Gorgeous colours,
    Have a nice weekend, Suex

  5. ha ha ha I love it! I was thinking about making a crochet bikini top for a particularly stunning friend of mine, I know she would wear it too!!!!! Are you going to model this for us??? ;OP
    Kate from Foxes Lane just gave me a cool idea.....
    Your horses are gorgeous Jenni, I love their muzzles and nostrils too, it's like velvet isn't it.
    Have a lovely weekend with your bikini and your horses!

  6. Love the photos Jenni and I'm with you on that, horses faces are so expressive. I love being nuzzled.

    Can't wait to see the crochet bra!

  7. Funny, though - the more time you spend with them, the more you see the emotion in the lines of their faces. I guess that's natural - but now, I carry on whole conversations with them, responding before I know I'm going to, just as if they've said something outloud. And soft? Ah. Especially nice if they deign to hold still -

  8. Now those are very cool favorite things. I haven't spent much time around horses, but I did get to touch a horse's nose once. Couldn't believe how soft and velvety it was.

    Interesting bra (bathing suit?) crocheting going on there. :-)

  9. Horses eyes are very expressive, and I love their eyelashes.

  10. Horses are lovely creatures. Thanks for a lovely FTF share.

    xo -E


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