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Friday, September 10, 2010

Creative AND Favourite Things Friday

Todays Creative Space follows on from last week.

Local groups have been asked to participate in an exhibition that is going to be held in a few weeks to raise money for Breast Cancer. The idea was to make your own or decorate an existing Bra. The exhibition will be judged and I have chosen to enter under the 'Breast Cancer Theme'.

This is 'Grannylicious'

I really enjoyed myself making this one and NO I am not going to model it myself, :-P to those who were hoping I would..... I might find myself with Zero followers if I did that! LOL

Friday is also a day for Favourite Things,

I JUST LOVE my Guinea Fowl.....

I have a flock of six and they are so amusing to watch. Their latest trick is to fly onto the roof and then cry out in alarm at the dogs in the dog yard, consequently creating mayhem while they just sit up above and look down.....the dogs go crazy!

This week I was lucky enough to get a present in the mail....

It came all the way from South Africa from mamma4earth. When I saw this in her Etsy Shop I just had to have her....

No not these....

Look at these fabulous stamps that were on the packet, I haven't seen round stamps before, I can hear the groans as they have probably been around for ages but I am known for not being the most observant, they are new to me :-)


Isn't she adorable! And so well made! Look at that needle felting!! Linda you are a star!

And look, she matches perfectly with the Lino Print that a good friend made and had framed for me in exchange for some knitting!

For more lovely creativity head to Natural Suburbia and for more Favourite Things Friday go to Mrs P at Quilting in My Pyjamas.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Jenni :-)


  1. what a wonderful post ... your gorgeous work and lots of other stuff. that picture is wonderful and isn't it nice how generous others can be with their work. i love that about crafters.
    My Creative Space

  2. I decorated a bra for exactly the same reason, and posted it as my Friday FO last week, its at if you want a peek. I hope links in comments are ok.
    Yours looks great! I loved seeing all the different ideas people had, really no two were alike

  3. I love that bra! I agree, I would never model it for my followers either but it's sassy!

    Your Guinea are beautiful too. I keep telling Grumpy that we need some for our farm but he said we have too many chickens and they fight. Argh!

    Linda did an amazing job. I have some items in her shop waiting to be mine. I guess I had better make that happen before they are gone.

  4. Love the bra! How do you keep the guineas from flying away? Visiting from FTF. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  5. I think you have a bird theme going on at Casa Baa me this week. Cassowaries, guinea fowl , what next !

    I love your furry friends posts. It so nice to know my own house is not the only one that is rather zoo like.

    Love grannylicious (and it's a total copout you didnt self model this stunning piece of handiwork)

    And thanks for the FTF plugs! You're a sweetie.

  6. I will model it for you Baaa.
    It's fantastic. As you know I have a birthday and xmas coming up, hmmmmmm......

  7. I love the bra you have made, absolutely beautiful!

    I am so happy you like your guinea fowl from South Africa, thanks so much for your kind words:) I would love to own a couple of guinea fowl. We have 8 laying hens at the moment, so I think it is time for some guineas:)

    The photo of your guienea fowl is so beautiful! How sweet.

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog and shop:)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Ooh I love this post, "Grannylicious is absolutley gorgeous, and I'm sure you would look fabulous in it!!!!!
    I have never seen round stamps before either, and I love the guinea fowl.

  9. Love the bra! However, to be truly grannilicious, it should be positioned a little lower in front on the model, don't you think? ;) Just speaking from personal experience here. All kidding aside, it really is lovely. The colors are wonderful.

    Your guinea fowl sound like they provide quite the entertainment!

  10. First off, your crocheted bra is just fabulous! So creative, and a lot of talent to figure out how to do that.

    I've never had guinea hens, but I have had chickens. I realize their personalities are different from the guineas, but I always enjoyed them too.

    Oh, and I've never seen round stamps either.

  11. Love the Bra, don't know about the Guinea hens though are they like quails, my hubby has an afliction to quails apparently my Brother in Law had them in an avairy outside my husband's bedroom window and they make silly noises all night. We saw some babies at the royal show on Thursday and he just about had a fit.

  12. Nice lingerie! The colors you chose for your "squares" are great.

    It is good to have something you collect so someone always knows what to get you. The fowl from S.A. is wonderful!

  13. lol that bra made me laugh! It is so good!!! I just didn't expect it :-) I love your Guinea fowl real and plush and those stamps are interesting - never seen round ones either before.

  14. That crochet (or is it knit?) bra is hilarious . . . and a little bit sexy in a crafty kind of way.

    Loved the peek at your guinea fowl. They are beautiful. Thanks for a great FTF share.

    xo -E

    P.S. I've never seen round stamps before. Those are gorgeous!

  15. Loving the bra Jenni! its a perfect breast cancer bra for sure!
    And how about the guinea fowl, yours and the one from SA! Very cool, isn't it funny how different species interact with each other? i love my parents farm, it's so funny to watch all their animals
    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. That bra is too cute! How creative!

  17. I really enjoyed this post. To heck with all that Victoria's secret biz - wholesome, lovely and sweetly symbolic, you! the fowl crack me up. We used to have a cat who'd climb up on the fence, dangle his tail, just our of reach of the huge, frantic dog below. That benign, cat grin -inspiring mayhem. Linda's bird is FABULOUS. You bought it - you bought it and had it shipped. Aren't the stamps fab? I have to buy something from her, just to feel like I'm sharing in the bounty - both of her work, and her friendship.

  18. Love the granny bra, it's just great!!!
    What a super cute little guinea fowl and all the way from South Africa... WOW!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  19. LOVE the granny bra!
    You did such a brilliant job.
    And those guinea fowl, how cute are they!

  20. That is one fantastic bra! Loving the guinea fowl goodies and the real ones! They are such pretty birds.......... Lucky you! :O)

  21. Love the bra, its fantastic!!! I have never seen round stamps, they are pretty cool.

  22. The bra turned out lovely Jenni and nope, I've never seen round stamps before either, they look so pretty.

    Sounds like the guinea fowl keep you amused, they look like a real little gang. I love the one you got in the mail.


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