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Friday, September 24, 2010

Favourite Thing Friday

I am late today because I have been trying all day to upload my photos from my phone to the computer!!! You would think it was quite straight forward (and it is) but I had to Google for instructions on how to...

We got there eventually...

1. A Pyjama Day....

2. Boys playing quietly with Lego for hours....

3. My Favourite furbaby 'Hamish' waiting to share my chair at the kitchen table where I spent my time surfing Blogland....

Did you notice Hamish's eyes??? Today one is green and one is orange! They are supposed to both be orange....but that depends on his mood :-)

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  1. I am LOVING the pyjama day idea(and incidentally also the pyjamas themselves)

    And how did you get two boys to play cooperatively for hours without killing one another? Bottle that secret and sell it Jenni!

    Perhaps Hamish didnt like having his picture taken today?

    Thank you for dropping in and sharing your Favourite Thing. (I might do a pyjama day tomorrow since the house will be over run with Grand Final fever here ...)

  2. All great favorites! I'm all for PJ day. You think the shoppers at the grocery would mind? :o) Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! Larri at Seams Inspired

  3. I can really get behind "Pyjama Day". :-) Now Legos is (are?) a very cool thing. So much room for imagination and creativity there. Gotta love Hamish. I've seen that expression on my cat, Charley.

    What a fun FTF post!

  4. Hamish looks very pleased to be having his picture taken! (NOT!)
    Isn't he cute! Raymond lays in wait on my chair when I am busy... it's as though he thinks that when come over I'll be too polite to move hime elsewhere! So funny the way their minds work!

  5. Hooray for Legos!

    And pyjamas!

    and furbabies! :)

    A great Friday favorite

  6. Loving your pyjamas, and remember how much peace Lego gave me when my lad was little. And what's not to love with a furbaby??? Great post.

  7. Yay a pyjama day - I'm having one of those today for my first day of holidays. Hamish is very handsome, I didn't realise you had cat/s as well, I thought you were a dog person (I love you all the more now I know you have a cat) Well done to those boys playing so quietly, just what mum needs

  8. Hamish! What a face! What eyes. Yow. I wouldn't argue with him over the chair, however. Every day (especially in winter), I hanker for 4 o'clock to come around - come in from the barn, blowing and chill and dusty - run upstairs, strip off the stiff jeans (with that benighted waistband) and daytime shirts - clean up and jump into the flannels. AHH!! Flannels and tomato soup and cheese. Much joy at the thought. So I guess, many days end up being PJ days for me. Shall we have a slumber party???

  9. I LOVE your furbaby photo-his teensy ear and huge eyes! Adorable


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