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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Felted Phone Cosy Tutorial Part 1 Crochet

Felted Phone Cosy....try saying that fast! Maybe if you say it fast you won't notice that I am attempting my first tutorial!! Now I am a newbie at this so have pity. Firstly I am going to assume that you can crochet and follow a pattern???.

I will comment underneath the photo to save any confusion and I am using US terminology.

Good, then lets start....

You will need some nice chunky yarn. Worsted weight, 10ply/12ply is perfect. This needs to be at least 80% wool as this is a pattern for a felted phone cosy. I buy this wool at Spotlight, it is called Entwine Basics and it is 60%wool, 20% Alpaca and 20% acrylic. It does take a while to felt but when it does it is lovely!

The label recommends using a 7mm knitting needle which is quite large but as I want this tight and I am crocheting the cosy so I am going to use a 4mm hook.

You can see from this photo that the yarn is quite thick compared to the hook. If you are using different yarn just adjust accordingly to get the tightness you want. I have fairly loose tension so you can play around with sizes until you are happy with the look. For felting you don't want it too loose as you will see the holes between the stitches.

Begin by chaining 14 stitches. (this cosy is for an phone which measures 11cm x 6cm x .5cm ) The cosy will shrink about 1/3 when it is felted so you can adjust the pattern to suit the phone.

One SC into second chain from the hook,

Two more SC into the same stitch,

Continue with SC down the length of the chain, 9 SC and then 3 SC into the end chain,

Continue SC down the other side of the chain and join to the first SC with a Sl St. This is the bottom of the pouch.

Chain 1,

SC for the next round but only into the front loop of the stitch, this makes a nice edge to start the sides of the pouch. Join with a Sl St.

You can see the sharp edge this stitch has made around the bottom of the pouch, this will end up on the inside of the pouch so you won't see it.

From now on you work in a spiral so continue on around the cosy in SC and just keep going until you get to the desired length. Remember that you want it to be bigger than the phone as it will be shrunk to felt later. Generally the shrinkage is about 1/3 but that differs with different wool. You can make a swatch but this cosy is about the size of a swatch....we will just keep an eye on things when we start felting. My cosy has 30 stitches in the round.

Because you are working a spiral now it will get wider! Mine also turns itself inside out as I get to about the sixth round so the seam will be on the inside. It doesn't matter if it doesn't because you are going to felt it and it won't be visible anyway. Keep checking the width and do a SC decrease in the front or back of the cosy a few times over the length to keep the sides straight. I did three decreases over the length of my cosy which is 24 rows, so a decrease about every 6 rows or so.

This is a SC decrease....into the stitch, yarn over and pull thru,

into the next stitch, yarn over and pull thru so you have 3 loops on the hook,

yarn over and pull thru all 3 loops on the hook, this will give you a neat SC decrease. Sorry about the blurred photo, I was relying on help, I had my hands full as you can see (thanks NO 1 Son) :-)

Continue the spiral around until you have the right length,

Make the last stitch at the side and it will be a SL ST to even up the rows. This is where you will need to decide if you want a flap for the pouch or not? If you do chain 2 and SC across to the other side, Chain 2 and TURN, SC along the back again, Chain 2 and TURN,

Continue until you have the right length. I did a SC decrease on the last two rows to round of the corners a bit. SL ST across the last row to end.

I made a handle for this cosy by joining at the edge of one side, chaining until I got a good length and then SC into the chain back to the start chain. I joined it again to the other side of the pouch and then SC back along to the start. I didn't put this in the tutorial as it was totally made up on the spot and I have no idea how well it will felt?? It may even end up being to tight for the pouch...I hope not!!

So there you go...hope you can follow along? Feel free to contact me for a one-on-one if you have any questions?

I will post the second part of the tutorial about Felting the Cosy in a few days after I have done it. Then we can go onto needle felting to decorate your phone cosy if you are still following along!

Have a great weekend,
Jen :-)


  1. It's gorgeous but it's all greek to me...

    I think I'll felt a jumper and sew one of these up instead.Off to the op shop for me.

    (Maybe one of these days you can post a tutorial about learning crochet , or maybe I could find a class, because I'm pretty much tired of being the only person in the known universe who cant crochet...sigh

  2. i think i almost followed that.. does that mean i am getting better at crochet pattern reading?? lets hope so. can't wait to see the finished result. i've never felted something before

  3. Excellent tutorial. If I can manage to find some yarn that is actually wool (it's rare has hens teeth around here and the only stuff I have it very fine) I'll have to give this a go. I am very anxious to see Part 2 as I've never felted something before. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Exciting stuff Jenni! Great tutorial, I need to make one for my iPod actually, I just haven't decided on exactly what I want to do with it....
    Can't wait to see it felted!!!

  5. Well done, mate. Haven't wielded a hook for years (except to rescue dropped knits) but it was clear as the sky on a great day. Lovely. And you have an iPhone!! Woo-hoo! We could call each other long-distance! Can't wait for the felting part.

  6. congratulations!! I can barely understand my own patterns let alone try and turn them into a tute so I am very impressed. Your phone cover looks cool and I hope you see some photos of peoples covers-wouldn't that be great? I am also observant enough to notice you have bubbles all over the front of your phone too, what is it with that protective stuff ;o) I spent ages trying to line mine up and de- bubble it and I should have just let my kids have a go considering the end result. What a tangent I have gone on, oh well, have a sweet week!

  7. I understood the first paragraph then the US UFO landees took over and I never understood anymore after that.....

  8. I just posted the last comment after reading your last 2 posts including the one about Tadpole. The security word I had to type in was 'hocks' which I found coincidentally funny....

  9. Oh wow, that looks like something that even I, who is just hopeless at knitting, could do! Thanks for sharing!

  10. That is such cute little iphone cosy. I love it.
    I am really looking forward to seeing it felted.


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