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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Its a Wrap

WOO HOO!!! Over HERE at Knicky Knacks we are being challenged to a Handmade Christmas!

I think it is a great idea and I usually do about half of my Christmas as handmade already so this year I am upping the anti!!

I have been doing this at the markets....

I have just introduced a Christmas range in the hope that people will be inspired and take the idea on board. Many market visitors come and watch me demonstrate how to wrap things in a piece of material and I even then put everything into a giant bag made from a Large Furoshiki, but although many people comment on what a great idea it seems it is too complicated???

I have to console myslef at the lack of sales with the fact that I am putting the message out there and hopefully some will go home and give the idea a least it is one less plastic bag or less waste of trees if someone is inspired....

So this Christmas we will be using Christmas inspired material to wrap all the presents in and after it is over I can just fold up the wrappings and put them back in the cupboard till next year! How great is that!!!

You will need: any size SQUARE of material, a bandanna or a scarf is perfect but you may want to make your own if it is a big present. The size I am using here is about 700mm x 700mm. Perfect for two bottles or a couple of books, maybe a little big for one bottle but you can play with the tie or add embellishments for a more personal look.

Fold the ends together and tie in a decorative knot.

I have also joined in this SWAP this week, very Cute! I love making little softies....want to join in?

You may be lucky enough to be my partner :-) Pop over here to The Clip Cafe to join in.


  1. Just love this idea. What a winner! Where on earth did the name Furoshiki come from though? Intrigued. Thanks for joining in. Trace :)

  2. That's a brilliant as a parent I am going to be glad to see the back of that knee high collection of ripped up paper (none of which is recyclable because the kids appear to have opened it with their teeth! Thanks for sharing that.

  3. What a fantastic idea! Bet this one will be a winner. The softie swap sounds great, off to have a look xo

  4. good on you Jenni! its a great idea and I love the recycing wrapping paper too! It is so simple and obvious but not many people are into that stuff! I buy old kids books that are falling apart from the op shops and wrap presents in them, and always use a long piece of ribbon to tie them... that way people will re-use... my ideas are catching on with my friends! I got presents wrapped in magazine pages for my b'day this year, inspired by me!!!!!
    Have a lovely week

  5. I love the idea of using fabric to wrap gifts.

    Often people dont look at the bigger picture. You can use a piece of fabric for years ...wrapping paper only gets used once.

    Every year I vow to give handmade for Christmas. I do better some years than others. Some of my extended family dont value handmade gifts at all! Maybe if I start planning now for next year and say it long enough and loud enough...

  6. A fabulous idea Jenni, I'm off to have a look at the softie swap.

  7. Hmmm. I'm thinking about this one. I see the sense of it. And I have probably single-handedly destroyed more trees in the name of mounds of presents (wrapping each piece of underwear in its own package). But I'm thinking. One thing about you, my dear - you always keep the flywheel moving in my brain.

  8. Great idea, Jenni. That`s definitely on my `To Do` list...when I get round to doing it!I`m going for a handmade xmas too so thanks for the link.

  9. What a great idea, old but oh so very new. Certainly given me some great ideas, kids have always complained how I save the wrapping paper to re-use. This way I might be able to get the material back.
    BTW - love the owly Chrissie material

  10. This is a fantastic idea, maybe it's going to get more popular as Christmas approaches...don't give up on it yet:0) I joined the plushy swap too- it's my first go at a blog swap so I am sooo excited- thanks for sharing the link,

  11. I love furoshiki and have quite a collection myself! Actually, one of my furoshiki has a pattern of furoshiki tying ideas :) I must get back in the habit of keeping a few in my bag - it's what I did in when living in Japan.

    I hope your Christmas wraps take off! There is such an interest in eco bags here now (and so there should be), that if you market it as such (like they do in Japan). Here's a cute link I found ages ago that you might like!

  12. I copied the diagram of all the methods of using these to wrap............ thanks. I think it is a wonderful idea!


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