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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Creative Space

Do you remember me showing you this picture a while ago??

It comes from one of my favourite children's books written about 'Calvin' the Cassowary by Garry Fleming called 'The Cassowary's Egg'....

I have kept him under wraps for a long time but the judging has been done so without further ado....


I have entered him in 'The Worlds Best Tea Cosie Competition', which is being held in Miles, Queensland, Australia. Right now as we speak....

Do you think he may be a winner?? I hope so! If you are in Queensland, Channel 9 News is doing a feature on the competition tomorrow night (10/9) so have a look, you may see my Cassowary!

Do you like his head? I found this lovely piece of tigers-eye in the kids stone collection and thought that it looked just like the helmet on a cassowary, and the rest just happened....

Want to see more creativity today? Head over to Kirsty's and see who else has been busy this week :-)


  1. Jenni! I love Calvin, he is amazing, you are so clever....
    He;s a winner for sure!

  2. Jenni.......... that is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I hope you WIN!

  3. OMG that's fabulous JENNI! I will try to watch the news tomorrow night, and hope I see it. Keeping everything crossed. It's brilliant, congratulations JENNI.

  4. That is just it just me or is the placement of the spout somewhat hilarious?! He is sooo well made, I hope you win!

  5. I was hoping no-one would notice :-)

  6. ahahah Jen! He is just fantastic. Very very creative you! I have to say i never knew cassowarys were so well endowed! He looks very 'happy', perhaps he is looking for someone to create an egg with like your book. You will have to make a mini one for an egg warmer. Good luck with the competition :)

  7. He is amazing!! I am holding thumbs for you:)

  8. I am keeping everything crossed for you because he is so fabulous you deserve to win!

    I'm pretty sure you subliminally placed the spout in that spot purposely...

  9. Hi Jenni, found you via Alice (Crochet with Raymond) I love Calvin, what a hoot, I had a giggle when I saw him. I will send out winning energy for you.
    I live down in Melbourne and have visited QLD a few times but never that far up. My brother lives in Townsville, he is in the Airforce. You must have great air con to be able to craft in that heat.
    Take care.
    Sandi x

  10. It is a fabulous tea-cosy (especially the placement of the spout!) ... but between you and me cassowaries terrify me!

  11. I am amazed. The little bit of knitting I've done - even the experimentation - has not prepared me in the least to design anything so complex and with so much character. Much less reproduce a character in a book. It's a lovely illustration - at first glance, I thought it was a piece of art glass. You are brave, setting out to do such a thing. You can't hear me clapping, but I am.

  12. Aaaah! Jenni! I laughed at his yellow appendage and was trying to write you a comment along the lines of "did that appear in the children's book?" but I just didn't know how to say it! Dash Robin to the rescue!
    I showed Karen and she loves him too, we love his toes!
    Let us know quick as if you win Jenni!

  13. LOL oh I love this....and I too noticed the spout....LOL x 2 I could only wish my tea cosy was as interesting and cute as this!

  14. You have just won bella, congratulations!!!

    I have a few teapots I would love to experiment with under Calvin. Would be lovely to seek out all aspects of his personality with whatever kinda spout he's pouring out from.
    Go gettem girl!

  15. Oh Jenni, I am laughing so much I can't see properly to type!! Calvin's didn't give much thought to the spout placement did you? I love him and hope he wins! xx


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