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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tadpole and a Giveaway

Look how much better our beautiful boy is....

Ebony and 'Tadpole'

Tadpole was given to myself and Ebony, my horse riding partner, because he needed lots of TLC. He had a bad fungal infection in his front hooves and it had made him lame. His tendons and ligaments were also strained from the effort of walking on his sore feet.
I have been cleaning out his feet daily and treating the fungal infection. The farrier has visited numerous times and just recently Tadpole was treated to a Bowen Therapy Massage and some Acupuncture.

After spending the first two weeks with us lying down to get relief from the pain in his legs, he has been slowly improving. After the last farrier visit he was well enough for the massage and some Acupuncture.
He could have had those treatments before but the benefits would not have been very long lasting as his feet were still a mess.
He has been resting, eating and playing with his stable mates (no matter how much I try to stop him, and I can't really separate them as he would just hang on the fence) and we have been spending time getting to know him.

Yesterday Ebony put those nice big boots on Tadpole and took him out for a little walk, some fresh air and a change of scenery.
He loved it, and thanks to the boots he didn't limp at all....we are getting better!!

And just look at what some TLC, a rest and lots of food do for you....

What a horse, isn't he stunning! Ebony and I both had a little play with him today and then soaked his feet in Epsom Salts while he had an Acupuncture treatment. ( for those of you who don't know I was a veterinary nurse in my life b4 kids )

We both can't wait for him to be better so we can go for a real ride....sitting on him is like sitting in an comfy!

Enough gushing about my 4 legged friends....

Are you interested in a GIVEAWAY??

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Have you made your phone cosy??? Felting Tutorial tomorrow :-)


  1. What a beautiful horse, magnificent! How wonderful you are to take such good care of him:)

  2. Amazing progress with Tadpole..... how rewarding it must be to be looking after him Jenni.....

    Looking forward to the felting tutorial..:O)

  3. Oh Jenni, how terrific that you were able to make it all better.

    He's simply beautiful.

  4. Lovely boy. Just lovely. What I use for fungal infections (like thrush - I'm right, aren't I? It's a fungus) is gentian violet. I hate Coppertox because it's so deadly. But gentian violet takes care of the thing very well and very cleanly - assuming you don't get any on your hands or your clothes. I use a small paintbrush or an eye dropper to get it in the grooves. I thought of this myself after using the stuff on baby yeast infections, and I knew it wouldn't damage the tissue around the infection.

    For cuts and things, I use colloidal silver. Completely knocks out proud flesh. But good-onya saving that beautiful boy. I didn't know you were a vet nurse, my dear friend, with whom I happened to spend the day today, is also a long time vet nurse. Taught me to give shots and worm and a many other scary things.

  5. Wow Jenni, Tadpole looks gorgeous! He's so shiny and healthy... what wonders you have worked! you are a horse angel!

  6. Tadpole is just gorgeous! And so fortunate to have special people like you to look after him, I'm always so cheered when I see this sort of kindness. Love Vanessa xxx

  7. What a great job you guys have done! He looks gorgeous.


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