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Friday, October 8, 2010

Creative AND Favourite Things Friday

Hooray it is OCTOBER again and around here that means Jacaranda's!! Beautiful trees with stunning purple blossoms.....Its a favourite for me and for my family because October is also my birthday month. My boys and my husband know that when the Jacaranda's start flowering then it is almost mum's birthday.....Pretty impressive imprinting on my part don't you think??

Look at this beautiful tree, and I have to admit that these trees have always (for as long as I can remember) been a favourite of mine. I can remember playing with the fallen blossoms and seed pod cases at my junior school.

The town that I live in had LOTS and LOTS of Jacaranda's. The boys counted 101 the other day on the drive thru town to school, that is a stretch of about 2kms. The whole place is purple and the local council also plants all the garden beds with purple is really something to see!!! Makes me happy!

My Creativity today has been a bit of playing to get my pattern for baby shoes just right. I am having trouble getting the felted effect that I want with the wool that is available locally so I have been using the wool that I made my Imogen out of as she felted perfectly. The wool is from New Zealand and it is had a bit more texture than the Merino that I usually use.

I have made two sizes with the Merino wool....

And felted them in the machine....

The small pair has been gifted to a friend who has just had a beautiful baby girl! Yay for baby girls and pink booties, these are so small!!

I practised my needle felting on this pair, you like??

And HELLO!! Can't you just wait for the needle felting tutorial!! So much fun :-)

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Have a great weekend everyone xx


  1. Wow, jacarandas and fabulous booties. What a post. I absolutely covet those booties with the watermelon needle felting, they are gorgeous, do you think they would fit me?
    The jacarandas are just starting to come out here too, I love this time of year.
    I can't wait to see more needle felting.

  2. I've never heard of Jacarandas but they look absolutely stunning!! We are just going into autumn here, so everywhere looks sad and drab after such beauty during the English summer.

    Thank you for popping over to my blog recently - it's amazing to have someone from Northern Australia popping up to Northern England! The joys of the internet

  3. I'm a fan of large trees too. I dont even know if we can grow Jacaranda's this far south.

    Your part of the world is really beautiful and so different to mine. That's what makes it such a great place to visit. Plus you dont need winter clothes.

    And by the way those are the cutest booties EVER.

  4. How I would love to see your purple town. I can just see little fat baby feet in the booties.

  5. I think that jacaranda tree is the most beautiful tree I've ever seen! It's like a painter splashed purple where the leaves are supposed to be. I can certainly see why this is among your favorite things.

    The booties are adorable!

  6. The Jacarandas are just gorgeous aren't they! I love those baby booties you're making... ahhh.. makes me want another one :)

  7. Oh my, I never knew such a gorgeous purple blossomed tree existed! Must be lovely to see so many in bloom.

    Those booties are SO cute!!

  8. Oh, my goodness! Those teeny, tiny, pink baby booties are so adorable. And that tree in bloom is gorgeous! Great FTF!

    xo -El

  9. I just CANNOT imagine what it must be like to have Jacaranda trees to look at! I was moved looking at your photo, so what it must be like to see one in real life is just an awsome thought. LOVED those little pink shoes............. so very, very pretty and the needle felting just completes them Jenni.

  10. Those trees and their blossoms are gorgeous! I've never heard of them, but they are so beautiful. I can see why they'd be a favorite. :o) I'm off to Google and learn more about them. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF!

  11. I love your purple tree. I've never heard of Jacarandas, but they look beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. How yummy are those little pink shoe's!

  13. the jacaranda tree is stunning! I planted one when we lived up north but never saw it flower as we moved back down to wellington where it is too cold for that bizzo!!!
    and your booties are so so cute.... I can't wait to make some, please make the tutorial up to soze one year old jenni!!! I'm going to make many pairs for my fairy god daughter!
    Great stuff!

  14. Jacarandas are a favourite of mine too. I'm just waiting till they come out properly here to do a post on them. We've had a bit of rain so I hope all the flowers haven't come off the trees yet !
    I too love your booties especially the tiny ones.

  15. We have Jacarandas here in sunny So. California, and I just love them.
    They bloom around June and I always look forward to seeing the lovely color everywhere. But what I really wanted to comment on is the adorable pink shoes, the watermelon toes are just perfect!

  16. You have out cuted yourself this time! I am in a state of moosh right now. Those booties and the tiny sweet duck with it's inquisitive expression. Sigh. Adorable. And I adore jacarandas too. When I
    was little my family lived in Victoria, but an aunt of ours lived in queensland. When we visited her we liked a painting she did of a jacaranda tree so much she gave it to us! Now I live up here I love jacaranda blossom season and have even been working on some embroidered brooches of j trees! It must run in the family. ;0) take care xo Kate

  17. The TREES!! the TREEEES!! Wow. In the spring, I get pink snow all over the barn drive when the trees across the street lose their argument with spring storms. But this purple. How the Lord must have delighted in designing that little bit of astonishment.

    The shoes are charming - were before you felted them, even - clever Jen. Watermellon details all the better. You are so much better at actually doing things than I am. Merino, I have been told by many, is not so great a wool to needle felt - you want something with - oh, yes - now it comes to the point of actually telling you this, I can't remember - longer fibers? or shorter? Arggg!! but roughish so that they lock better.

    I'm all ready now to catch up on all of this. So I'm reading backwards through the last two weeks. Yummy for me. (hurray the little yellow duck!)


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