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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Softie Swap

Woo Hoo!! Look at the softie that I received in the post last week from my swap partner...

I took part in the Softie Swap organised by the Clip Cafe and Harriet made me this gorgeous little owl. Isn't she a beauty! Such a lot of work and so nicely made. Well done Harriet, I love her!

And now that Harriet has received my softie I can reveal it to you....

100% wool, all needle felted and she even has a little bell inside....

Pink toes....

Harriet has a little fella who is under one years old so I wanted my softie to be child safe....

Small enough to be just right in a little hand as well :-) Hope she fits in well Harriet, I enjoyed making her and thanks Vanessa for organising a fun swap!

Any ideas as to what this is????? The boys noticed it on the way home from the bus stop on Thursday....

ANTS!!!! Looks like we may be getting a lot of rain soon! Can you see them all over the ground, must be a giant ants nest under there!!!


  1. Oh wow, both of those are just adorable! What a fun swap!

  2. Oooh how sweet are they!Lovely swap!

  3. What a beautiful owl and I am sure your softie will go down well with its little recipient. I had no idea what that was in the photo, so am glad you told us it was ants!!!

  4. Both of those softies are so cute.

    Ugh you can keep your ants. You have gigantic ants in your corner of the world.

  5. What a great swap. The owl is charming, but your softie is cunning and well done, too. Did he just come out of your head? Love the tusks. Interesting to me how you link ants and rain together. We are so civilized here, with our neat yards and asphalt/cement world, I think everyone I know has forgotten how to read the earth at all. I know winter by the beards on the horses, and I can see the weather coming out of the northwest - but ants, I do not read. Loved the shot of the boys checking it out.

  6. What gorgeous toys!! Love them both. xx


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