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Monday, October 4, 2010

Some more Inspiration??

Knitting you've never seen before....


  1. Good Grief...some of that was superb! I cant even pick a favourite.

    Oh Ok, the frog guts was pretty good...

  2. EeeeK! that knitted bus is FANTASTIC! Thanks for the comment re the chilli "jam".... it's a hot one!!!!! The crochet is still the same project, still plodding on with squares and trying to finish a double blanket before middle of November when it will be a year since I learned how to do it....... :O)

  3. Wow. You want to know the sad thing about me? First, I look at that stuff and think, "Amazing!" Then, immediately on the heels of that, I think, "Wow. That stuff is going to end up collecting lot of dust."

  4. Wow. Finally watched the vid. I'd seen the dissection girl's work before - stunning and slightly bilious-making. But some of this stuff? I'm impressed and puzzled at the same time. I guess I ask "why?" and they ask "Why not?"

  5. Oh wow.. those are awesome..... Can't do tiny things at all and those are to complicated for me yet... maybe someday. Thanks for sharing
    hugs Birgit

  6. Ooh, do I like the bus or the lobster the best? I'm not sure...


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