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Friday, November 26, 2010

Creative AND Favourite Things Friday

This week my FTF and my bit of Friday Creativity are one and the same.....

Ric-Rac crochet style, I am loving it! It is very addictive and looks absolutely fabulous when used as a trim. So much nicer than the bought stuff!! It is so easy to make as well....

There is a lovely tutorial over at Fox's Lane if you are keen to give it a go, just imagine it in Christmas colours!!!

Added as an embellishment to a singlet dress....

What little girl wouldn't want ric-rac on her dress?

Just have to sew in the ends and attach the skirt to the bodice and that's another present done!

Want to play along this week then pop over here for FTF
and here for Creative Friday.


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous little dress :)

  2. Oh my, that is lovely. I've tried crocheting with thread and just about lost my mind, so I'm so envious of those who can do it.

    Btw, the link for your FTF that you entered takes us to last week's FTF instead of this one. I've done that before.

  3. that is a gorgeous little dress!!! is that the one you are pattern testing?
    So sweet... I wish I could sew, but then I really would have to give up my studies to craft full time and as lovely as Karen is, I don't think she'd agree with that ha ha ha
    Have a lovely weekend XXX

  4. That dress is so stinking cute! I love the ric rac and totally agree it looks much much nicer than the mass produced kind.

    You say "easy" but it looks complicated to a non crocheting type person like me. I'll just admire your amazing-ness and take your word for it.

  5. I love that ric-rac too. And that little dress is so cute! I was thinking of making a top for my daughter in a similar style (with a crocheted bodice). I'd rather crochet sleeves than sew them! :)

  6. Handmade ric-rac, now that I love! What a way to add icing to the cake.

    Thanks for sharing. Found you via Creative Friday.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday.

  7. Beautiful rick-rack, I was never able to learn anything that requred a needle longer than about an inch and a half, so to me it looks quite complicated. Very cute dress as well!

  8. Love seeing your crocheted ric-rac! Thinking about making it makes my head all swimmy, as I can't crochet to save me, but I enjoy seeing what others can do!

  9. I didn't know you could make ric rac with crocheting! You're right. It IS better. How fun!! One more thing I need to learn how to do. Why oh why is there not more hours in a day!!!

  10. That has to be some of the prettiest ricrac I've ever seen! And that dress is so sweet!

  11. Dear Jenni,
    Your ric-rac crochet is wonderful! Thank you so much for posting on Creative Friday my friend:)

  12. I love your hand made ric rac, it is another thing on my to do list that is getting longer by the day.
    It's a gorgeous dress, I love the crocheted bodice and the ric rac trim.

  13. Utterly, utterly G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.... and I love your suggestions for how to use it. :O)

  14. I love how the little dress has turned out and the fabric that you used is just gorgeous!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  15. Handmade ric rac - I LOVE it. Darn you, now I don't want the store-bought stuff anymore. I want to go make a gorgeous dress too, trimmed with *handmade* ric rac. Inspiring.

  16. Oh Jenni, it is all just gorgeous at yours at the moment.
    I love the ittle dress, I love all the gorgeous ric rac and the tea cozy is just gorgeous. I really must get back into hooking again.
    I hope things are drying out at your place, its wet again here today. X

  17. Here's how sad I am. I realized that I grabbed a glimpse of this post weeks ago - and never could sit still long enough to say - "Cool!" I wonder if I will ever be able to stand crochet - or knitting anything practical. Probably not. Yelp!


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