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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great Knitters Think Alike....

It seems I was not the only one of us who found this amusing!

Rediscover the softness of wool....

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  1. I`ve seen these before and they still look weird!lol

  2. brilliant!! love it! and love your comment on my blog, if knitting saves the day I really need to start learning!!:) fab!

  3. Oh dear, a knitted jumpsuit! Makes me feel a bit faint actually! The potential for chafage and heat rashes!!!
    I saw your lovely baskets in your sidebar ages ago and when I was looking at the knitted sheet basket, thought of your lovely natural ones!
    I forgot to go to the op shop today, god knows how, so the sheet project is at a standstill!!!

  4. These made me laugh: the bottom one looks like a deep sea diver! Thanks for these.....

  5. That is so funny! imagine turning up to work in one of these hehe!

  6. I am so out of the loop.
    I've never seen it til now.
    It is pretty cozy though.


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