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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Handmade Christmas Challenge

Remember that dirty unwashed fleece that I was gifted a while ago????

Well I have risen to the Handmade Christmas Challenge.......

I washed the fleece, so that it was nice and clean......

I carded the fleece, so there were no knots.......

I spun the fleece, so that I could make something from the yarn.......

ATTENTION Mum and Dad do not go any further or you will spoil your
x-mas surprise!

I crocheted it together in a nice pattern that I got from Alice and Raymond, go and have a look it's a brilliant tutorial!
My wool is a bit over-spun but for this item it will be perfect!

The brown yarn is a commercial one, Patons Wilderness, so yummy, gorgeous and soft. This is the back......

An African Flower Ornamental Potholder!!!
Isn't it the best and Alice you will have to agree that it does look rather striking in neutral colours :-)

Want some more ideas for a Handmade Christmas?? Look here......

I also have some exciting news but I am going to save it for tomorrow.......


  1. Oh wow Jenni!! This is so beautiful, I love it:)

  2. oh wow, what a lot of work you have put into your parents present and with such fantastic results!! they will not be able to help but love it! I agree, it looks amazing in those tones, you must be so proud of it.

    Looking forward to your surprise!

  3. That's really beautiful Jenni, and your spun wool looks fabulous.

  4. What a wonderful present to have made. Your parents are going to love it, I am sure of that. So personal...............

  5. Oh Jenni thats so beautiful. And really made from scratch! My Mum used to spin her own wool and it's a fascinating process to watch.

    I'm sure your folks will love it.

  6. Ok, its official - you are a super dooper crafty minx. First of all, that potholder is gorgeous. Secondly, I can't believe you washed, carded and spun that wool. How amazing. Just gorgeous. Thanks for joining in and have a ripper Sunday. Trace

  7. Wow Jenni! I am only just visiting this post now and I am sooooooooooo excited about the pot holder! it DOES look amazing in neutral tones and I'm in shock that that dark fleece became white! I thought it was from a black sheep!!!!!! That must have been a lot of washing! Karen thinks the back looks as amazing as the front and she loves it heaps.
    Tulah is the cutest ever, her eyes are so huge! Glad shes settled in so well XXXXX

  8. LOVE the whole story leading to the finshed pot holder.
    Gorgeous! Your folks will adore it.
    Tulah looks super cute too.

  9. Oh, I am so behind - and I commented on the wool on the wrong post, of course. I am sitting in my bed at my daughter's with a small person all swaddled up in my lap. I think there was not much sleeping done in the other parts of the house last night. But I had a moment to read, and so I am visiting you. Small people are like timb bombs, aren't they? The crochet worked out just lovely. And I love the natural coloring.

  10. You can over spin wool? Oh I'm lame! Who knew! Good thing I don't spin my own wool then. Yet! :D

    This is just beautiful! I like the contrasting colors. A lot.

  11. That is a whole new level of handmade Christmas! Wow! Hope your parents love it.


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