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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mutual Admiration Society

Look at my little blossom! Now who is the happiest at our relax time??? I lie down and she is there. The purring is so loud!!! I know its the best de-stress for me and I suspect the same goes for Tulah.....

I can just feel all the tension melting away, nothing else works so well for me! It has left me curious and wondering if she gets her good feelings from me when I de-stress or do I get my good feelings from her de-stressing???

All I know is that it works!!

I, J, K, and L for Carolyne :-)


  1. Love this post! Cats are just the best!

  2. Animals are the most wonderful companions and de-stress you completely. Its lovely that you get to de-stress each other!

  3. What a lovely time puss is having, Sue is right cats are heaven !

  4. I was just talking to Kristen about this yesterday. I think animals are more in touch with our spirits than humans. Animals can reach us where other humans can't. That is why service dogs/animals work so great.

  5. I wonder that sometimes too. The horses de-stress me - when they aren't stepping on me on running over me. That cat is certainly fulfilling the measure of her creation, bless her.

    More lovely tiny gifts. You are a woman after my own heart.

  6. Looks like you have found yourself a good one there........... :O)))))

  7. She looks so blissed out! What a lovely little face...I heard somewhere that purring also sets up a vibrational rythum that helps heal certain conditions in both cats and humans...kinda ace all round!xoxoKate

  8. i agree, there is nothing quite like a bit of meow-love. i look forward to snuggles before bed each night and get quite put out if she is too busy and out gallivanting to snuggle!


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