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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A piece of History

I couldn't let Melbourne Cup Day pass without mentioning my old thoroughbred horse "Tally"....

He is my oldest horse. 23 years this year and I have had him for 15 of them. He was a racer BUT he is lazy so didn't do very well. He was given to me and he is a real gentleman. Naughty on the ground (all bark and no bite) but a dream to ride. He has spoilt me for all the other horses that I am ever going to ride. It is like floating on air, so easy and smooth!

We rarely ride him anymore. I sometimes take him to the bus-stop and the boys double him home but these day they complain about how bony he is along his back! I used to work at a dairy and often rode Tally to work and home again. Sometimes he stayed at the dairy with the cows and I used to wake him up in the paddock with the motorbike when I went for the cows in the early mornings. He never used to get up and I could ride right up to him and give him a hug and then continue getting the cows.

He has taught numerous girls to ride, and a few special ones have helped me love and look after him. He has a special place in many hearts.

This is my favourite photo of Tally. We were just building new stables for him last year after Cyclone Larry ripped away his old ones when it blew thru our old property in 2006. Tally loves comfort and really missed the shelter and warmth of the stables. This is him giving me a loving hug after Billy started to put the roof on his new was really like 'Thank you Mum!'

Anyway getting back to the Melbourne Cup....Tally's grandfather is the famous New Zealand stud thoroughbred Sir Tristram!! He is very well bred! Yep he has (Sir Tristram that is, not Tally) sired three Melbourne Cup winners.... Tally could have been a winner if he wasn't so lazy....

You are a winner to me Tally :-)

Did you back a winner????


  1. Wow - Tally is fantastic!!! What a gentleman indeedy... and there is nothing wrong with being lazy - in my book anyway.

    Yep - I got the winner in the sweep... and the loser too... so that mean $20 + a $2 scratchy for me. YAY!

  2. No winners here (I must confess I was in a meeting at the time and didnt watch it )

    Tally is a gorgeous looking boy and winning isnt everything. Horses are the closest animals to humans I've ever met. I can tell from your post you adore him.

  3. No winner here either. What a very nice looking boy he is, and so special to have such a bond like you do.

  4. What a lovely sounding beast......... I hadn't realised how long lived horses can be till I asked about one of the ones next door and was told that she is 34! Lovely photos of your horse...

  5. Ah, what a question. I sleep with one - does that count as backing? In our stable, I am the lazy mare. Especially these days, more makey-things than cleany-things. And My Zion? I think he easily could have been a trotter. He's SO fast, and so nimble. But there you are - who knows who woulda won if . . . ? Actually, I back you, and I think YOU are a winner. Kiss Tally on his sweet nose for me = assuming he has no cold at the moment. And I will kiss Zi for you!

    Jen - my security word was LOONBALL!!!!!!

  6. WHat a beautiful boy! I laughed at him being too lazy to be a race horse! Aren't animals funny!!!!!

  7. Gawd girl this is a lovely story and full of your adventuresome LIFE too. You are a proper country girl. I'm a little bit envious.

  8. Wow, Sir Tristram, that's impressive! He looks and sounds lovely. xx


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