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Friday, November 19, 2010

A rich lucky old lady....

Hooray its Favourite Things Friday again! Want to join in? Pop over HERE and add a link so we can all come and check out your favourite things :-)

This is my favourite piece of jewellery (apart from my wedding band of course!!)....

Billy gave it to me for x-mas a number of years back knowing my love of symbolism. We picked it together and bought it over the Internet, a purchase that held a bit of trepidation as it can be a win or a lose on the Internet sometimes if you are not careful. I did all the right things and ticked all the right boxes and ordered (after numerous emails with the site owner).

This is a piece of Jade and it has carvings of little bats (for luck) coins (for prosperity) and Ling Chih ( a plant that symbolises long life ).

See the coins down the left hand side? And the two bats sitting in the Ling Chih?

Not a very clear photo of the other side I'm afraid but you can still see a little bat sitting on the coins and the Ling Chih (fungus of immortality).

I am a person that wears the same jewellery all the time, I rarely wear anything different as I am allergic to metal and if I have anything else on for long I get all itchy. So this piece is around my neck all the time, I'm quite attached to it as wearing it reminds me that I am lucky, prosperous and will live a long time!


  1. A very pretty and interesting favorite. I don't wear much jewelry...just my wedding ring and some small gold hoops. :o) Happy FTF!

  2. Wow. I don't have any jade but I love it. It has such an unusual quality and the colours are beautiful. Glad the online shopping went so well for you.

  3. I love it! Very pretty. I go through phases. Sometimes I wear gobs of jewlery and other times... eh...... I just wearing my wedding band......

  4. Great FTF. My jewellery likes goes in cycles and I make bits a pieces so I usually have a lot hanging around sometimes I wear lots others I just stick to my engagement ring.

  5. Me too - I wear nothing or the same things. I have many small things that I love to look at, but hardly ever wear. And I've lost a few things that made me sad. I love the fungus of immortality - a concept I had missed before this. And I never knew that bats were lucky - but I might have suspected it. I bet you look gorg-eous with this around your neck.

  6. What a wonderful favorite thing! I've never seen such an intricate piece of jade. Such a lovely story behind it too. :-)

  7. Cool! That is a great jade pendant. Thanks for pointing out where things were so we could appreciate a closer look. What kind of chain do you wear it on?

  8. Jenni it's absolutely beautiful, and it's exactly right for who you are.

    I hope you do end up a rich old lady. Although I cant imagine you as "old".

    Thank you for sharing this for FTF. I loved hearing the story.

  9. Jenni that is a beautiful piece of jade and I love your story.
    PS Would you believe that the word verification was aripper, so true as it really is a ripper!

  10. It's beautiful Jenni! Lucky you! Favourite things Friday is cool isn't it! It means you're focissing on the good things in life! maybe I should join in next week,.....

  11. An exquisite piece. My mum was the same re allergic to metals other than gold. She always had to check dresses and trousers re the zips too, as she could only have the ones with nylon "teeth" next to her skin.

  12. What a lovely memory and piece of jewlery. Thanks for a great FTF share!

    xo -El

  13. Beautiful pendant! Jewelry is supposed to make you feel good about yourself and this piece obviously does that for you. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow Jenni I thought I was the only person who got all itchy and scratvhy when wearing jewellery and I'm allergic to metals ( including gold !!) too.
    Looks like you have found the perfect solution.


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